Jason McCourty Will Play in His First Super Bowl on Sunday

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For those of you who may find yourselves here for the first time, I’m primarily a Tennessee Titans writer. We’re based out of Nashville, so that’s our home team, and the team I’m most familiar with. Every year, I usually sit down and write a piece about former Titans who are playing in the Super Bowl – just to “catch up,” so to speak. That’s usually because the Titans are sitting on the couch for the Super Bowl. But, this year – there’s a pretty short list of former Titans taking the field. Actually, it’s just one: Jason McCourty. But, his path to this game has been an interesting one to say the least.

For my money, McCourty is one of the most underrated and unheralded Titans to ever suit up for the two-tone blue. He didn’t have the spectacular stats and highlights that other corners might have had. He didn’t have a catchy nickname like “Revis Island.” Maybe some of that buzz is sacrificed when you play for a small market team that, for the better part of his tenure in town, was pretty mediocre. But, when you look back at the guy’s time in Nashville, he was one of the steadiest presences on a defense that needed steady guys like him.

McCourty was drafted in the sixth round of the 2009 NFL Draft. He just missed being apart of that staggering 2008 Titans defense, but he’d play here for eight seasons before moving on. Though he never got the accolades, especially during that stretch of 2011-14, McCourty was quietly one of the best corners in the entire NFL. He had 13 interceptions during his time with the Titans – nine of those came from 2011-14. Eventually, the Titans would sign Logan Ryan and ask McCourty to take a pay cut. When he wouldn’t accept that, the Titans agreed to release him.

He landed with the Cleveland Browns, where he actually had one of his better seasons. McCourty registered three interceptions (one returned for a touchdown), deflected 14 passes, forced two fumbles, and recorded 65 tackles. All of that in 14 games. Still, the Browns were an 0-16 team. Though he had a two-year deal in place, the Browns traded him to the New England Patriots.

McCourty played in all 16 games for the Patriots in 2018. His stat line isn’t going to pop off the page, but he’s become a key contributor on that defense. The guy’s played on some bad…..baaaaaad….football teams. He’s gone from underrated on a rebuilding team to a standout on a historically bad team, and now he’s a grizzled vet vying for his first championship. Plus, he’s playing alongside his brother (safety Devin McCourty). What are the odds of that ever happening? Two twin brothers, playing on the same team, competing for a Super Bowl title?

Titans fans may find it difficult to cheer for the Patriots, but McCourty is a guy we should all be applauding. His journey to this point is astonishing. If he caps it off with a ring, you won’t hear a single complaint from me.

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