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A few weeks ago, “Nature Boy” Brandon Vick and I ventured out to a new little sports bar in Mount Juliet named Kat’s. I was pretty skeptical of the spot at first, given its location seems to be cursed. First, Piranha’s dipped out of that spot. Then, we had the Eagle’s Nest come and go. It seemed like nothing could stay there, so I had a hard time fathoming why anyone would want to try again.

But, I came away feeling like I’d discovered a new watering hole. Somewhere to go when I just needed a beer and some bar food.

It’s centrally located at 2037 N Mt Juliet Rd, and honestly, that may be the most enticing selling point. You don’t have to get into all of the mess of Providence. The atmosphere was that of a fun, laid back hole-in-the-wall, but without the smell of smoke and a dirty bar.

Mount Juliet has needed somewhere nicer than U.S.A. Sports Bar, but not as pricey as The Goat or Catch 22. Kat’s is that nice little in-between. Beer and wings, baby – no need to mess with a proven formula.

Food Pics

As for the meal itself, I went with a reuben with fries. Brandon had chicken tenders and fries. The First Lady of SoBros had a grilled chicken sandwich, and we kicked the meal off with an order of medium wings.

As an update, I actually liked the wings so much, the SoBros First Lady and I went back two days after this review to eat them again.


Food: 6.5/10. The wings were incredible. Some of my favorite around town. Loved the way they cooked the reuben…it almost ate like a patty melt. The fries were perfect. The only complaint was Brandon’s chicken tenders (see below).

Beer list: 4/10. Left a little to be desired, but I won’t turn down a $3.25 Blue Moon. I give it a low rating because if you’re expecting to walk into this place and try the cutting edge trends of craft brewery, you’re going to be disappointed. If you’re content to pound DCLs (Delicious Coors Lights), then baby you’re set.

Atmosphere: 7/10. Laid back and fun. I’m kind of a t-shirt and jeans guy if you didn’t already know that about me, and I felt completely comfortable in this place.

Value: 8/10. It’s Kat’s strongest calling card. The second time I went, there were three of us. We each got an entree, I had two Blue Moons, and we got an appetizer. We came away with a $34 tab. Unreal – absolutely unreal. There is nowhere in town where you’ll get a better bang for your buck.

Service: 3/10. Willing to give them the benefit of the doubt – it was trivia night. That place was PACKED, and it would’ve been hard for anyone to keep up. That said, it ain’t like you’re signin’ up for fine dining here, folks.

Overall: That all averages out to a 5.7/10. The draw of this place is undoubtedly the junk food, the comfortable atmosphere, and the value. If you’re looking to try the hip new trends in cuisine, you’d best go downtown. If you’re looking for a place to take a load off and get a good order of wings with a beer, there simply isn’t a better spot around Mount Juliet.

“Nature Boy” Brandon Vick’s Review

A small, intimate sports bar hidden in Mount Juliet with just enough room for us locals that have discovered it. It feels like a relaxed kinda place that’s not too loud or rowdy, but people were clearly having their fun with food, drinks, and trivia. I went simple with the chicken tenders and they weren’t quite what I was looking for. It’s not that they didn’t look good, but they were a little tough. You had to rip into them with your teeth, and it never fails that pieces get stuck up in there. I mean they’re no Red Lobster chicken tenders! But the fries that came with them were delicious. Not sure what kind of seasoning was on them, but you’ll cherish it with each bite. They weren’t too crunchy either. I dare say just right. My meal was nothing special, but Kat’s has quite a few options for everyone. And the best part is it’s all very reasonably priced and if you can do their happy hour – I highly recommend it.


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