Beta Ray Greg Presents: Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel and Endgame RUMORS AND POTENTIAL SPOILERS

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OK! Alright ladies and gents. This is a first for me. Herbie Brooks and I usually text each other crazy things we think should happen and what we want to see. So I’ll be sharing some thoughts that may not be nonsense.

  1. Endgame will end with Captain Marvel using Stormbreaker to cut Thanos’ damn arm off with the Gauntlet. Now you can replace this with Thor if you want. Thor could be more fun. The end of IW has Thor hit Thanos in the chest with Stormbreaker. It does hurt him, but as we know, Thanos infamously says “you should have gone for the head.” SNAP. I don’t see any one of our heroes landing an ax blade in the damn forehead of Thanos, so the arm chop seems more plausible. EDITOR Stoney may be a wizard. See ‘Why Thor Could Be the Dude Who Takes Down Thanos’

  2. Captain America stays in the quantum real in an ‘ultimate sacrifice’ to stay with Peggy Carter. 1) The man deserves it. 2) It’ll fill a huge role. In his dream sequence in Age of Ultron, he’s walking into the dance hall. Peggy asks him for the dance he owed her when you know, dumped his plane into the ocean. If they use the quantum plane to traverse time to stop Thanos in Endgame, he may realize that’s where and what he wants to do. AND if he stays when originally he doesn’t, that creates a paradox and starts a new timeline. MULTIVERSE BITCHES

  3. Nebula’s character will stay true to the comics and wield the Gauntlet to end Thanos’ rein. In the original comic run, Thanos puts her into a state of ‘living death’ which is pretty close to where we find her in IW. She finds Thanos in a cosmic daze or something like that. She steals the Gauntlet and sends him to the other side of the universe. After the remaining heroes and Thanos talk her down, she changes back everything he does with the exception that she retains the Gauntlet. Of course, that doesn’t last long. It’s very cosmic-ey. I believe that’ll stay pretty close to the story in Endgame with some exceptions.

  4. Vision isn’t dead and he’ll be the key to stopping Thanos. It’s possible that Vision and his gray husk are still well with us. Shuri was possibly further along with the separation ‘surgery’ from the Soul Stone than we thought. If she had separated enough synapses, and the pluck out by Thanos didn’t destroy the rest, he might be rebooting and figuring out how to uh ‘be.’ Banner said that Vision is part him, part Tony, part Soul Stone, part Ultron. What if he still has a connection to the Soul Stone? I read that some people think the farm that Thanos was resting on after the events of IW  was located in the Soul Stone. If Vision has a connection he can keep Thanos there while the team runs the mission.

  5. Mar-vell and Yon-Rogg are in fact the same person in the movie. My God i love this one. YR and MV are always shown in the comics as adversaries. So why change it? Cause you damn changed everything else already and its a tweest! What would you not see coming? Oh yeah, Mar-vell, leader of StarForce and an alter ego Yon-Rogg,  Kree super villain. If Ronan can make his radical change…why can’t Mar-vell? Once a decorated Kree hero and then a disgruntled Kree anti-hero and Avengers villain. Dun Dun Dun. Screw it. I love it. She takes on the mantel of Captain Marvel to honor the man she once knew.

  6.  StarForce really is just a secret bad guy club masquerading as a Kree super team. Hear me out. What if ‘Mar-vell’ has been recruiting members for StarForce that have…how can I say this gently? Murderous tendencies and loose morality. Minn-erva later becomes a psychotic geneticist. Korath the pursuer, oh yeah Ronan lackey. Att-lass becomes Captain Atlas and partner to Doctor Minnerva. I mean, come on. OPEN YOUR EYES SHEEPLE. A human from earth who doesn’t remember anything can be molded to anything Yon-R….I mean Mar-vell wants.

What do you think kids? Any you want to share? I love stuff like this because it’s wrong. Like of course it is. If it’s right, slap my ass and call me Uatu!

Beta Ray Greg is the Comic Critic for SoBros Network and the ‘Fangtastic 5K 2018 Mr. Irrelevant.’ The man has the single most impressive spreadsheet in existence that is used to document his historic collection. He’s a big time Spider-Verse guy. Follow on Twitter: @BetaRayGreg.

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