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It wasn’t easy, but here are my top ten matches of the year from Southern Underground Pro. SUP was above and beyond my favorite wrestling promotion in 2018. I was invested in just about everything they did. No matter the circumstances, they always delivered in one way or another. Thanks to everyone that helped make this year so special at The Basement East. I look forward to Brett Ison continuing to fuck shit up in 2019.

Mance Warner/Kerry Awful (Achy Breaky Heart): I said back in my recap for this sensational show that this would be hard to beat for MOTY and boy was I right. The twists and turns these two took kept us on the edge of our seat from bell to bell. These two beat the hate out of each other. Then, they led the crowd in a “Love is Love” chant while sharing a PBR. Blessings. 

Mance Warner/Ethan Page/MJF (Satisfaction is the Death of Desire): This may very well be the best triple threat match in this or any universe. The SUP crowd was living and dying on every eye poke opportunity culminating with Ol’ Mancer doin’ what he do best. This was an absolute blast with all three guys bringing their A++ stuff. 

Brett Ison/Righteous Jesse (Achy Breaky Heart): What started as a dog collar match turned quickly into an all out war as the chain broke extra early on. Headbutts, elbows, and stapled dollar bills to faces has turned this into an early SUP cult classic. The history between the two took this to another level yall. 

O’Shay Edwards/Kerry Awful (Not Problematic): I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this was the most underrated match of SCI weekend. Now, I know there was a ton of great wrestling that weekend, but it’s a shame people don’t talk about this fight more. 

Tracy Williams/Kevin Ku (Don’t Look in the Basement East): This fight was about as hard hitting as it gets. Two guys that are not afraid to throw hands always makes for a good time. These two badasses didn’t disappoint. 

Dominic Garrini/Curt Stallion (Achy Breaky Heart): This match had everything, and by that, I mean a shit ton of chops. Between all those chops were stiff kicks, headbutts, and more chops capped up by a frenzy of piledrivers by Dominic to Curt which is the stuff nightmares are made of. 

Brett Ison/Marko Stunt (All Eyez on Me): It seemed like everyone was underestimating Marko going into his first title defense. I mean, I knew Brett was going to leave The Basement East with the Bonestorm Title. But, I also knew that Marko was going to throw everything in his arsenal at Ison. Hell of a scrap with Brett hitting Street Justice twice (TWICE) to officially bring in the Reign of the Pitbull at SUP.

Nick Iggy/Effy (Not Problematic): THE SoBros match of the year and rightfully so, as we were dazzled by the sexual intensity. But, due to possible FCC violations, I can’t go into very much detail, so find this on Powerbomb.TV and enjoy. 

O’Shay Edwards/Gary Jay (All Eyez on Me): Another all out fight that may get lost in the shuffle of a card with so many talked-about moments. You know what you’re getting with these two BAMFs who really brought the pain in this matchup. 

Kevin Ku/Eddy Only (Streets of Hate): I loved the chemistry these two had in the ring. They matched up well and brought out all kinds of fun, brutal offense. Both men end the year as part of featured tag teams. So, I’m gonna go ahead and ask for Sadkampf vs.The Production in 2019. 

John Mosley is the independent wrestling and TV aficionado of the SoBros Network. He graduated from ETSU with a degree in Radio, TV and Film along with a minor in Film Studies. Since graduating he’s done pretty much nothing but watch, film, edit or commentate for local wrestling promotions and is the current color commentator for Resolute Wrestling. #Preds #Titans #DefendOrVacateConor

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