Who Is “Mr. Wrestlemania?”


Wrestlemania 34 is just a few weeks away, and at this point, we’re ramping up our Wrestlemania coverage. It’s in the air, folks. I mean, it’s still freezing cold outside. But, it’s Wrestlemania season! Today, we’re going to examine the resumés of eight very capable WWE Superstars…guys who could realistically lay claim to the title of “Mr. Wrestlemania.” Biiiiiig question to answer.

Who is “Mr. Wrestlemania?”

John Cena – Ah, ol’ Big Match John showing up in the discussion. He filled the Hulk Hogan superhero role quite nicely there for a span of about a decade. From becoming the conquering hero at Wrestlemania 21 to vanquishing the evil Russian, Rusev, at Wrestlemania 31, he has been one of the focal points of each Wrestlemania he’s been apart of. Definitely the figurehead of his generation, and for that, he warrants some consideration. Best WM Match: vs. Shawn Michaels, Wrestlemania 23. WM Record: 10-3.

Bret “Hitman” Hart – Shawn Michaels will get all the credit for his ‘body of work at Wrestlemania, but if you scroll through Hart’s portfolio, you’d be amazed. You don’t even think about it, but the Hitman had classic match after classic match. He may have never boasted the most bombastic personality, but the man’s ability shined on the biggest stage. Best WM Match: vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Wrestlemania 13. WM Record: 8-6.

Hulk Hogan – Who gets credit for the birth of Wrestlemania? Hogan? Vince McMahon? Probably somewhere in the middle, but you can’t deny Hogan’s place in the event’s history. He main evented a lot of the early installments of the show and came back later on to add to his Hall of Fame resume. Best WM Match: vs. The Rock, Wrestlemania X-8. WM Record: 8-3-1.

Shawn Michaels – HBK is pretty universally considered “Mr. Wrestlemania,” and that’s probably fair. But, he performed much better in the show-stealing role than as a main eventer. I can’t even begin to list all of his ‘Mania classics and keep this bitch under 1,000 words. Michaels as always the type that if he had a pulse, he was going to deliver at the big shows. Best WM Match: vs. Undertaker, Wrestlemania XXVI (@ me). WM Record: 6-11.

Roman Reigns – Boo me. I don’t give a shit. Reigns is main eventing his fourth Wrestlemania in a row this year. He’s a bona fide star, and people are #MadOnline about it. Yet, Reigns has already amassed an impressive four wins in just five Wrestlemania matches, and he appears to be on the precipice of a fifth win at Wrestlemania 34. Best WM Match: vs. Brock Lesnar (and Seth Rollins), Wrestlemania 31. WM Record: 4-1.

Triple H – Another guy that doesn’t get the credit he deserves for his performance on the biggest show of the year. It’s almost like what Hart was to Wrestlemania in the 90s, Triple H was to Wrestlemania in the 2000s. The main difference? Triple H has lost a ton of matches. Best WM Match: vs. Undertaker, Hell in a Cell, Wrestlemania XXVIII. WM Record: 9-12.

Undertaker – I mean….come on….do I really need to write about this one? For the better part of 30 years, the Undertaker graced our screens at Wrestlemania. At the height of his undefeated streak, beating the Undertaker meant more than winning a World Championship. Best WM Match: vs. Shawn Michaels, Wrestlemania XXVI. WM Record: 23-2.

Rob Van Dam – Where’s the love for RVD? The guy was undefeated at Wrestlemania for crying out loud….Best WM Match: Money In The Bank, Wrestlemania 22. WM Record: 4-0

Final Verdict: I’m going with John Cena in an upset. Boom. Done.

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