Terry Robiskie Tried to Bring His Dog Into a Restaurant. Disgusting!

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Terry Robiskie is no longer the offensive coordinator for the Tennessee Titans. Nope – since the Titans have gone in and cleaned house of all things ‘Exotic Smashmouth,’ Robiskie has landed on his feet coaching the wide receivers for the Buffalo Bills. But, man – that offense took a huge step back under Robiskie and his head coach Mike Mularkey.

I mean, I just see the guy’s face and immediately start to boil over some of the baffling play calls this guy made. Namely, calling a pass to a cornerback with the game on the line. That was insane. But, I do try and at least give these guys the benefit of the doubt. Shit, I’m just a blogger on this little comedy site. I’m not in the room. I don’t know what these guys go through.

But, while I may not have the credentials to really critique his offense, I do have the credentials to speak on common decency….like whether or not you should try to bring an animal into a public restaurant.

Here’s a link to the Reddit post. Go upvote it and help out the Titans subReddit. And, here’s the image:

This is like the Zapruder Film. Some wild ass Bigfoot sighting footage or something. Still, props to this keen-eyed fan for snapping this photo. That’s him, right? We’re all in agreement there, no? Da hell is wrong with you, Terry?

My question is why Robiskie is still even in town? Shouldn’t he be doing something for the Bills right about now? Oh, I don’t know – maybe because the NFL Scouting Combine was going on two days ago, the time at which this photo was taken? Has he already been fired by Buffalo? I don’t know.

What I do know is that seeing this reminder made me feel the excitement of having a new coaching staff in town all over again.

Titan up.

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