Wait, You Mean to Tell Me They’re Going to Race in the Middle of the Streets of Nashville?

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Guys, have y’all heard of this IndyCar thing? These people get out in the streets and race their cars. THE STREETS! Imagine that – it’s like The Fast and the Furious, but legal (I think). I always thought this was the stuff of legend. All those clips we see of race cars truckin’ it downtown in movies? Well, that’s just Hollywood magic. Or, so I thought – but NOPE – it’s a real thing.

And, now, we’ve learned that Nashville will be getting such a race of its own next August. Why not? This city is one of the entertainment meccas of the world – we have live music out the ass, pro sports, a hell of a food scene, AND we just got a Whole Foods downtown. The logical next step is an IndyCar race here in town. It only makes sense.

Courtesy of NBC Sports:

The NTT IndyCar Series will add a street race in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, to its 2021 schedule, announcing Tuesday that the inaugural Music City Grand Prix will be held Aug 6-8.

I’m all for more sporting events in Nashville, but y’all need to think this one through a little more. Do the IndyCar people know about the pedal taverns? The ‘transpotainment’ shit? All the tractors, party barges, and such? What about all the pedestrian traffic? I love Nashville, but it seems like an AWFUL place to run a street race.

I don’t know, maybe someone should clear the roads before they actually run this race. Hopefully, someone will bring that idea up to them in a brainstorming session or something. Anyway, here’s the track map:

Okay, so at least they’re avoiding the most congested parts of town. That’s good – the bachelorettes can go on about their business without worrying about being spin-cycled into the air by a race car.

I don’t know, guys – I’m beginning to think maybe I don’t understand this whole thing well enough to be writing journalistic articles about it.

Also, I don’t want to be the asshole here and bring this up, but I’m definitely going to be the asshole here and bring this up – you’ve got a perfectly good Superspeedway sitting out in Gladeville eroding, and instead, y’all are gonna race your cars throughout the streets of downtown Nashville?! Weak – who authorized this? Who thought of this?

In all seriousness, though – I’ll watch. Will probably apply for press passes to cover it and just hope they don’t ever read this article. I was just joshing, guys.

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