This Table Spot Is Rightfully Sweeping the Nation

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I’ve been a wrestling fan for the better part of my entire 34 years on this damned planet. Believe me – I know a good table spot when I see one. And, there’s nothing like it. It’s cathartic, breathtaking, and if done properly, is the pinnacle of excitement. If you don’t understand, this clip we’re about to watch might be able to put that into perspective. Just imagine – after a long hard day’s work, you just want to kick back with a cold one and enjoy a little hijinks.

That is some Grade A force, guys. That fucking table never stood a chance. This is like Jeff Hardy in Madison Square Garden, man.

I have no idea how we got here, though. Like, I have way more questions than I have answers here, and that’s what the good journalists always do. Ask the questions.

Namely, what kind of friend circle convinces someone to YEET themselves off the balcony like this? Where did she learn to work? Whoever her trainer is should be held responsible for those blown-out ACLs. You just can’t take that bump, ma’am. That was a folded-up leg she landed on and don’t nobody give a shit (as evidenced by that lackadaisical half-assed “are you okay?”).


Also, why are we destroying this table? It seems like it could have a purpose somewhere in this world, but then again, I say the same thing about myself and we all know that isn’t true. Is that a mattress on top of it? Was that meant to break the fall? If I could offer my advice as a stuntman (which I’m not – nobody sue my ass), I would say learn more about physics. Nonetheless, I think you can’t help but point this whole thing out as a success. It was quality entertainment, and I feel as though my life has been enriched by this.

If I can be blunt for a moment, though, I would just like to point out how satisfying the sound of that table breaking is. In essence, maybe that’s the mark of a good table spot and I’m just overanalyzing this clip altogether.

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