I Feel Some Type of Way About Lamar Jackson’s Comments on Losing to the Titans

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Ain’t nobody gonna deny that Lamar Jackson was the best player in the by God National Football League throughout the 2019 season. Dude is one of the most electric playmakers in all of football. You’re not going to hear me arguing that. But, when the Baltimore Ravens hosted the Tennessee Titans in the divisional round of the playoffs back in January, the Titans frustrated and agitated Jackson to the point that he didn’t even look like himself.

But, instead of just acknowledging that the Titans were the better team on that night, Jackson went out and said they lost that game because they were “peeking ahead.” MMMMMHHHHHMMMMM….

Yeah, we have very different perspectives on what happened that night, Mr. Jackson.

I mean, this man’s the reigning MVP of the league….and I can certainly understand the mindset of a competitor, being extremely confident and moving forward after a loss. But, what I saw that night was a team that was stopped in every facet of the game – the Titans knew exactly how to approach that game. They out-played, out-coached, and outlasted the Ravens. Plain and simple. The Ravens looked ready for that game – it wasn’t like they were going full deer-in-headlight or anything.

Which…let’s be real….there’s a larger conversation to be had here. No one seems to be crediting the Titans for potentially laying the blueprint for how to beat this Ravens offense. These national media pundits just keep raving about Jackson as if that game never happened. Paul Kuharsky wrote an excellent piece about this. If I’m a Ravens fan, I’m kind of concerned about that game, to be honest. That doubt is creeping in a little bit, and I’m wondering about it.

Between this and Mark Ingram talking about looking forward to the rematch on the night the 2020 schedule was released, I’d say that game is still sticking in the crawl of the Ravens. Ya hate to see it.

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