Our Top 10 Summer Movies

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What makes a good summer movie? That’s what our resident film critic, Brandon Vick, and myself attempt to define on the latest episode of The Vick’s Flicks Podcast as we dish on our favorite summer movies.

Is it the feeling of going to the theaters on a summer day to see that next big summer blockbuster? Getting some popcorn, a box of Raisinets (the G.O.A.T. movie candy, don’t @ me), and a refreshing Coca-Cola – all while enjoying the company of friends and family – that has to be among the greatest feelings in the world.

Or, can it be that a good summer is simply one that’s set in the summer time – a movie that features characters traversing the hazy heat of the summer, the bright sun, the luscious green grass, blue skies, etc? How about a movie that explores themes that are often associated with summer? That sense of adventure and freedom that comes with being a young person – “school’s out for summer.” Or, obviously – going on vacation…getting in touch with nature. All that sort of stuff.

The answer, as we ultimately define it, is subjective – it can be any or all of those ideals. Or, as you’ll hear on the podcast, it can be tied to personal experience. That’s how we arrived at our list of our 10 favorite summer movies.

Our Top 10 Summer Movies

10. The Goonies – A bunch of kids go searching for treasure after they find a pirate map in their attic – this is one of those summer time classics. Also, it happens to be one of the more quotable movies of its generation.

9. Independence Day – It’s the first real ‘event’ movie I remember from my childhood. For a long, long time, Independence Day defined the summer blockbuster to a young Stoney Keeley.

8. The Nice Guys – Brandon pointed out that this one has a nice little summer vibe to it. Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are havin’ fun, y’all.

7. Stand By Me – It’s another youthful adventure story that touches on several themes of the summer time. This one’s as much a no-brainer as any of them, right?!?!?

6. The Dark Knight – As Brandon points out on the show, Christopher Nolan has become synonymous with the summer blockbuster. The Dark Knight may be his biggest, and it was quite the event upon release.

5. Summer Catch – Summer Catch, baby – we got baseball. We got romance. We got fresh-cut luscious green grass. Freddie Prinze, Jr.. Jessica Biel. Come on!

4. Mad Max: Fury Road – Man, I’m sweating just thinking about this one. Not only does it fall into the blockbuster category, but it may define the ‘hot hot summer heat’ category.

3. Grown Ups – For the better part of the last decade, I’ve been kicking off the summer by watching Grown Ups. To me, you just can’t beat the lighthearted nature of the tale and all of the summer time experiences it touches on. Is it pretty shoddily thread? Sure, but how can you not appreciate watching the 4th of July fireworks at the lake house?

2. Jaws – To this day, Jaws is still considered the original summer blockbuster, and it’s one that Brandon thought of right away. If you dare, some parks trot out a big projector screen next to the lake/pool and show Jaws as you sit in your floats and watch from the water. Hard pass from me.

1. The Sandlot – It was one of the first movies that came to both of our minds when we thought about this list. It combines a lot of themes we’ve talked about hear – ‘school’s out,’ these kids are playing baseball in the hot hot heat, there’s adventure, there’s a swimming pool, and there is a heartwarming tale in there, too. This one just may be THE quintessential summer movie.

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