Mike Tyson Looks Like He’s Ready for the Comeback Tour

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We’re all in quarantine, and ESPN is out here dropping Mike Tyson training videos. Folks, this man looks as dangerous as ever. I don’t know what the hell he’s training for. There ain’t hardly any damn live sports going on in the world today. But, that’s beside the point. I’m sure that someone out there that doesn’t have the covid would be willing to fight this man (and die) for the right payday. Anyway, the fact is that it looks like Tyson could still kill the average Joe with a single strike to the jaw. I’m here for it.

I don’t know if it’s all the beer I’ve been drinking or what, but I’m dizzy as hell just trying to keep up with that flurry of punches. His fists are too fast for the naked untrained eye. That’s terrifying. And, the way he’s evading that dude’s hands? It’s like the man is possessed and whatever demon in there is controlling his body.

That’s my way of saying this is unnatural.

That man is 53 years old. 53 YEARS OLD! And, he’s gonna drop “I’m back” on us like that. After doing the things to his body that he has done in his heyday?!?! I’m amazed.

What happened to Mike Tyson playing the piano in The Hangover? Where is that man? Why can’t that man just be content to make movies and make people laugh and smile?

Why does he have to get so damn violent? You’re scaring me, Mike.

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