Johnathan Wolf Punches His Ticket for SCI 2020

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It seems like only yesterday that we were watching IFHY drill The Smokin’ Budz through the walls at the TWE Arena at Crux Wrestling’s Hey Jealousy on the opening night of the 2019 Scenic City Invitational festivities. That following Saturday, Johnathan Wolf dove off the top rope through Kevin Ku and a sea of chairs as IFHY stole the show against Violence Is Forever at SCI Futures 2019. Time flies, but the momentum that IFHY gained that weekend has yet to slow down.

Shawn Kemp and Wolf were booked for the four-way YEETFest at Southern Underground Pro’s You’re Next on October 6th against The Smokin’ Budz, The Lost Boys, and PME. After a chaotic and fast-paced YEETFest, IFHY found themselves victorious. Those Indiana boys are on a veritable Tennessee hot streak.

Not for nothing – it caught the right eyes from the SCI braintrust.

At Tank’s Scenic City Throwdown on October 26th, a match was to take place featuring six former SCI tournament participants. The winner of that match would lock up a spot in the 2020 tournament. However, management quickly found themselves in need of a replacement for Matt Lynch. That’s when the call was made to Wolf.

“I was super excited because I wasn’t even supposed to be in the match. To find out I had my shot to make it in the tournament, I was hype.”

-Wolf, on getting the call to compete at Tank’s Scenic City Throwdown

So, it was set – Wolf would have to get in the ring and battle the likes of O’Shay Edwards, Brett Ison, Gary Jay, and Ku (J.D. Drake had to back out due to injury). But, Wolf taught a master class in seizing the moment that night. Ison hit his newly patented Gohan to Sleep on Ku, but as he was going for the pin, Wolf swooped in with a Swanton Bomb on both. He was able to secure a pinfall on Ku, and punch his ticket for the 2020 Scenic City Invitational in the process.

We look back on all the moments made at the Scenic City Invitational, and sometimes, it’s easy to lose sight of just how important that weekend in Chattanooga can be. I asked Wolf what it meant to him to be the first entrant in next year’s tournament:

“It means a lot. Like, I have been going to the SCI for two years, and I was always on the SCI Futures show. Now, to be on the main show means everything to me, and I promise you I’m gonna make this SCIIFHY the best one yet.”


If you spend any amount of time at all around this IFHY bunch, you’ll find yourself enamored by their rambunctious spirit and their passion for wrestling. Why stop with a few big gifs? Why stop after a big time YEETFest win? Why not take the whole damn Scenic City Invitational?

Wolf, along with the rest of that tight-knit IFHY team, is poised for a big 2020. The sky is indeed the limit.

Image courtesy of the G.O.A.T.: Mouse. You can listen to our “interview” (read: party) with IFHY from SCI 2019 on Checks and Championships here.

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