Andy Reid: “Not All of Mozart’s Paintings Were Perfect”

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The Kansas City Chiefs showed some real gumption today in their comeback win against the tough, scrappy Detroit Lions. Going 79 yards on 13 plays to take the lead and leaving the Lions with just 20 seconds to respond was some real clutch football, y’all. And, we all know – when there’s high drama in the NFL, it makes the victory all the more sweeter. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid delivered what I’m sure was an emotionally stirring speech in the locker room after the game….except…he called Mozart a painter…yeah…

Ohhhhhhhhh, honey.

Who wants to be the one to tell him?

Someone has to do it, right? Or, is this a case where you just kinda let papaw think what he wants to think ’cause he’s old and harmless. I mean, you get the bigger picture. You get what Andy Reid was trying to say. And, honestly, the confidence with which he said “that thing’s still gonna sell for a million dollars” had me thinking, “wait? Did he actually say ‘paintings’ or did I hear that incorrectly?” So, that pure unadulterated confidence nearly had me fooled – might not have even caught it if it wasn’t for this tweet!

Maybe this is an instance of the Mandela Effect, though. It’s possible we all remember Mozart as a composer, but in actuality, he was really a painter. Oh god oh fuck – this is the whole Shaq vs. Sinbad Shazaam debate again. I can’t go there. I don’t even want to acknowledge this as a possibility – I’m only doing that because I’m trying to be a good journalist and examine all aspects and angles of this story. Damn that sense of professionalism bringing back painful memories of struggling through that Berenstain Bears rabbit hole.

Anyway, I’ll say this, though – if you could find a Mozart painting, I’m sure it’d be worth a whole hell of a lot more than a million bucks.

The Chiefs remain undefeated as the Lions slip to 2-1-1 – back to you, Bob.

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