Podcast: The State of the NFL Quarterback

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We’re gearing up for the 2019 football season all over the damn place here on SoBros Network. We’ve got SEC season previews here…NFL top 10s there…and tons of features in between. Today, we’re talking about the state of the NFL quarterback.

“The General” John Mosley was kind enough to hop on a call with yours truly and hash this shit out on a recent episode of Sports Punch here on the SoBros Network.

We chat about what the special sauce is for making a good NFL quarterback, whether or not the position is still the most important on the field, and we weigh in on who we think the greatest of all time is. Then, the conversation shifts to 2019, as we each present our top five quarterbacks for the season are.

LISTEN to the latest episode of Sports Punch on the state of the NFL quarterback here:

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