Final Game of Thrones Predictions

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Well, here we are, folks. We’ve arrived at the end of the epic Game of Thrones saga. For better or for worse, through the good times and the bad, whether you’ve loved the last few seasons or absolutely hated them, we’re here. It’s all coming to an end on Sunday (at least the show). So, I’m taking some time to theorize how this whole thing’s gonna end. Let’s hit the final Game of Thrones predictions.

Final Game of Thrones Predictions

I don’t hate this season. A lot of the criticism is fair, but it makes it less enjoyable when people are complaining incessantly (or praising incessantly, for that matter). But, I think the one thing we can all agree on is that this season has definitely felt rushed. A lot of this season has just been tying up loose ends. But, now – we’re down to the last one. The only big thing left to resolve: who’s going to win the Game of Thrones?

And, folks – Dany got to go.

That’s what our main characters have been forced into after the events of last week’s episode. Now, how we get there is fairly wide open. There’s a myriad of ways this thing could reasonably end, but the main questions are:

How is the group going to respond to Dany’s actions?

Not well. We’ve finally seen Dany’s true power, and it’s sinking in just how dangerous she can be. I don’t subscribe to the theory that last week was a “snap” – and that’s more concerning than if it was. Plus, she’s already declared that she feels Jon betrayed her. Just wait until she realizes that Jaime is missing. Is she going to try and have Tyrion and Jon both executed?!?!

Regardless, this is isn’t going to sit well with our leadership group, and I think there’s going to be a massive attempt to overthrow her, if not kill her.


Who’s going to take the throne?

I like the idea of a democracy…that’s been floated around on the internet for a while now. GRRM promised us a bittersweet ending – think it’s easy to see how it’s bitter. Now, we have to figure out how it’s going to be sweet. I don’t think Jon takes the throne – it’s too easy. The general idea of the democracy angle is that something completely different and better could be born out of this entire saga. Something this epic would have to lead to a dramatic shift in day to day life, right?!

Just want to mention in passing – regarding Dany’s visions in the House of the Undying, I think it’s possible that what she saw really was snow falling on the Iron Throne (everyone is saying it’s ash after the last episode). But, we took it too literally. Perhaps it’s to signify Jon Snow taking the throne?

Ultimately, I think Arya is the hero of the story. She’ll kill Dany, but instead of Jon taking the throne, we end up with several separately governed regions. Perhaps even a council instead of a king/queen – all of the major players left are sharp, right (despite D&D’s best efforts to ruin Tyrion’s brain)? I could imagine a governing body of Jon, Tyrion, Sansa, Davos, and Bran, or something like it. They also just casually mentioned the prince in Dorne, too. Plus, there’s Bronn and Brienne kickin’ around somewhere. So, it sure seems like that could be the ultimate solution.

I reached out to the Facebook and Twitter universes to get some predictions from some fellow GoT enthusiasts, too.

From Facebook

From Tyler – The night King comes back to life and kills everyone.

From Matt – Dany gets turned on, the people cry for Jon to be king which he rejects, then Arya kills Dany, fulfilling the green eye prophecy and Jon becomes king.

…to which Mack follows up with: Dany got turned on last episode but Jon Snow had a headache and work in the morning.

From Ryan – Dany obliterates King’s Landing by setting off the wildfire the Mad King left under the city. Sansa rules from Winterfell. Jon and Tormund get married and live beyond the Wall.

…to which Matt follows up with: Ghost scoffs at Jon, tilting his nose upward when Jon finally tries to pet him. He trots away, lifting his tail to expose his dirty butthole so as to illustrate his contempt for being abandoned, barking “so much for doggos before hoes, bro.”

From Katy – I believe Jon will be exposed as the true heir and will sentence Dany to death. He will carry out that sentence (in true Stark fashion) and will then give the throne to Tyrion.

Andrew adds: Captain Marvel shows up and flies straight through everything and gives Jon a pager with her number.

From Amy (who probably should’ve just written this piece for me): Dany in all her madness comes after Jon for betrayal. Even though it seems Arya has turned from her life of violence and vengeance, when she knows Jons in trouble, she defends her family and kills green eyed Dany. Arya rides away to farther adventures west of Westeros, Jon can’t even with anything anymore and goes North to rejoin Tormund and Ghost, that’s why he didn’t pet him. Or he could hesitantly be king. This part gets iffy with me because I wish they had time to introduce this in episode 5, but might as well throat punch us til the end…a table meeting is occurring with Sansa(new keeper of the north) Gentry, oddly mentioned prince of Dorne, Tyrion and Bran, and it is decided that a person who does not really want to rule that would be the best ruler full of knowledge, history and sort of claim to throne is Bran. Don’t think there would be enough time to let this play out, but the writers have very consistently skipped plot lines and left holes so why not. Sorry I’ve been reading a lot of conspiracy theories and I think I got in too deep.

From Craig – Dany dies of cumulative effects of poisoning by Varys. Jon’s secret is revealed by Tyrion and a reluctant Aegon assumes the throne, keeping the loyalty of the Drogon and the Unsullied army since Dany is dead.

From Spencer – Bran wakes up, the last two seasons were just a dream. Everything that happened wasn’t real, just a possible outcome, we get the end of the story redone with actually good writing. Ahh wishful thinking.

From Pat – I predict JR gets Shot.

From Talon – Everyone dies bc Dany couldn’t hold her shit together. She kills off the starks and Tyrion and Jon and the final scene is her sitting on the iron throne as the mad queen with a sinister grin and along side her is greyworm who is equally crazy. The whole Kings landing is in shambles but she doesn’t care that she’s alone so long as she’s queen. No happy endings in GOT I’m afraid.

From Twitter

Thank you guys for pitching in! We’ll catch up on Monday after the finalé! For more Game of Thrones coverage, click here.

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