Gotta Love Game of Thrones Leaving a Starbucks Cup in This Scene

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Game of Thrones is drawing some big time heat this season for loosely sewn up story arcs, rushing through to the end, and having illogical things happen like putting all of the main characters in the North practically in the jaws of death only for most of them to escape unscathed. This week’s episode was released last night and really raised that bar after a Starbucks cup was discovered during the feast of Winterfell.

Look, guys – everyone’s stressed out. They have to be. HBO gave ’em SIX episodes and a budget so strict they couldn’t afford to have Ghost do literally anything but stand there. They had to kill off two dragons because they blew the CGI budget after the battle of Winterfell.

You’ve had this insane epic that’s been nearly a decade in the making, but for the final season, they’re like, “NAH – six episodes…that’s what you got, boys!”

It’s no wonder this ending feels rushed – they’ve got to kill the Night King, save humanity, THEN fight for the Iron Throne, all while planting the seeds of dissension between Jon and Dany. People are clearly wigging out.

I kinda knew this season ran the risk of being a complete mess, but I didn’t think they’d be leaving modern coffee cups sitting on tables and THAT would make it through production.

I understand why people are being critical of the show, but I kinda felt like this season was just going to be a bunch of tying up loose ends and getting to the two big battles. I’m actually enjoying it, to be honest. But, this ain’t a good look, chief.

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