All in on This Cat Doing Situps

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Ever seen a cat doing situps? ‘Cause you’re about to see a cat doing situps. LFG.

This is the Terrell Owens of cats, and I am here for it.

Remember that? When T.O. was out in his driveway doing situps? Legendary – this cat has that same energy. I don’t if you’d call it BDE necessarily. Kind of a hardo ‘I love me some me’ type of mood. But, you know what? A cat’s gotta do what a cat’s gotta do.

Spring break will be here before you know it. So, you absolutely have to get in a quick pump whenever and wherever you can. Actually, I need to go get in a quick set right now.


Just kidding – I’m a 32-year old man whose hairline is running away from his face at an alarmingly rapid pace. I haven’t so much as thought about spring break in 12 years.

Then again, if I had the drive and ambition of this cat, maybe I wouldn’t be such a sad-looking bag of bones. I immediately regret that statement – this was supposed to be a fun post and I went and made it depressing. Apologies.

You know what? Just forget that last paragraph. Go watch this clip again.

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