This Guy Proves It’s Time to Bring the Comb Over Back

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Writing this article and listening to “Still D.R.E.” is making for an interesting and hilarious dynamic. But, folks – I think it’s time we had a serious conversation. The clip you’re about to watch features a gentleman with that classic trip and infinite BDE. He has made me re-evaluate my stance on the comb over, and it just may be time for us, as a society, to come together on the issue.

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Really, this could’ve been a Unicorn Watch. Haven’t done one of those in a while – brb, gonna go jot that down on my to-do list.

Okay, I’m back. Man, how about the immaculate swag of this man? What’s that hair made of? Chicken wire? How does he get it to stay in such firm position? Maybe he’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

But, this guy can clearly tell he’s the center of attention, right? I mean, look at the way he looks around the bus to see if people are paying attention. It’s awfully obvious that he rotates his head fully so that whoever is filming this clip can get a look at the entirety of that beautiful comb over.

Yep – I’m ready to call it. The comb over is back.

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