Glad to See the Citizens of Boston Having Fun at the Patriots Parade

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Well, yesterday the New England Patriots had themselves a parade. They won the Super Bowl, so they definitely earned the right. And, really – what comes to mind when you think championship parades? Glowing champions waving to the horde of admiring fans? Sparkling trophies hoisted in the air by men of the greatest athletic prowess? Tears as families bond over reaching the peak of fandom? Or, is it a gang of hooligans throwing fists in the middle of the street? ‘Cause that last one is what actually happened at the Patriots parade.

I mean, let’s be real, Boston. You’re no Philly. To my knowledge, people weren’t actively trying to burn down the city. But, an outright brawl…and as far as I can tell, you’re all Pats fans here…that’s some rowdy ass shit, y’all.

This cat in the gray pants and white t-shirt is a sadistic and energetic sumbitch. Throwing that dude face first into a car/onto concrete and then immediately bouncing up to re-enter the fray with no regard for the life he just took. The FBI needs to put this motherfucker on a list.

Then, you have the hairy bastard running around flailing his arms like one of those inflatable tube men. That was like watching a fucking bigfoot sighting.

There were at least three people put to sleep in this melee. I love the shit bag who calmly puts his shoe back on and runs away, putting his hood up in the hopes no one would catch his identity, after kicking another man in the fucking face.

Can the FBI put the entire Patriots fan base on a list? Y’all some crazy assholes.

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