Beta Ray Greg Presents: DC Entertainment/Warner Brothers’ SHAZAM Trailer #2

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DC Entertainment presents:  SHAZAM Trailer #2

Billy Batson gets the surprise of his life. He finds a family who is willing to give him a second (err like 15th) chance at life that isn’t leading behind bars. After standing up to the bullies tormenting his new foster brother, Billy is chosen to be Shazam! Now the hardest part is figuring out how to use his new powers. Oh and fighting a bad guy who wants to destroy the city!

This movie doesn’t SPIKE with me, but i get the appeal. It looks incredibly fun. The story will be some sort of the movie Big mixed with super heroes….which does sound pretty entertaining. DC Entertainment has a potential gem on their hands. I hope they dive further into the Shazam! mythology from the trailer. I think that will be a good way to tie it into the world of heroes that DC is trying to build on. Either way, you know this will be a family friendly but adult friendly super hero movie that will be a great stepping stone to erase past DC film failures.


Beta Ray Greg is the Comic Critic for SoBros Network, the ‘Fangtastic 5K 2018 Mr. Irrelevant.’ The man has the single most impressive spreadsheet in existence that is used to document his historic collection. He’s a big time Spider-Verse guy. Follow on Twitter: @BetaRayGreg.

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