Driving Drunk to Teach Your Passenger/Son a Lesson Is Some Game of Thrones Level Shit

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Just to be clear, I think I speak for the entire SoBros team when I say that we are firmly against driving drunk. It’s just stupid, and especially in this day and age when you can just call a Lyft or an Uber, it’s unnecessary. Nonetheless, it doesn’t stop people from being dumbasses. And, boy – today, we have a drunk driving justification for the ages. Some broad in Kentucky drove drunk to “teach a lesson.”

That’s right, folks. Read on.

Courtesy of the AP:

A Kentucky woman charged with drunken driving told police she did it “to teach her son a lesson.”

News outlets report 48-year-old Sunita Jairam was arrested early Sunday on charges including endangering the welfare of a minor.

Her arrest citation says she told police she “drank a bunch of beer” and drove at 150 mph (241 kph). It’s unclear what lesson she was trying to impart.

The son told police he tried to get out of the BMW subcompact several times, but the door was locked. News outlets didn’t list his age.

Booking records show Jairam’s blood alcohol content was 0.161, twice the legal limit. Records show she was previously charged with public intoxication and speeding.

Yo. Lady, you need to chill the fuck out. What is this? Game of Thrones? You trying to torture someone – give ’em the psychological damage that comes with the fear of riding with a drunk person against your will? Fuckin’ redneck Ramsay Bolton over here.

Is this how they do things in Kentucky? Bluegrass State – get ya boy.

Also, love that no one can figure out what exactly she was trying to teach her son. And, really – what could the son have done to warrant this “lesson?” Acting up? Well, get in the car, son! I’m going to pound some beers and we’re gonna hit 150! Don’t do the crime if you can’t pay the time! You gon LEARN today!

No, it doesn’t make sense – and it was probably a panic excuse. Like, she was so drunk that she literally had no idea what else to say.

Let’s be thankful that everyone made it out of this alright. But, holy shit – “gotta teach a lesson” is an all-time classic drunk driving excuse.

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