The SoBros Mailbag: 44th Edition – Bonnaroo and the Best Advice I’ve Received

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Let’s face it – every day we are routinely bombarded with questions. When you’re an emerging media company in Nashville, people just want to know what your opinions are on everything. It’s only natural. And, since our duty is to serve the people, well, we have no choice but to be present. That’s the SoBro Way. Also, aren’t mailbags just a barrel of laughs anyway? Welcome to the newest weekly recurring feature up in this bitch: The SoBros Mailbag. As always, use #SoBrosMailbag to hit us up on Twitter.



I’ve got this awesome Funko Pop 2-pack of the ‘dick in a box’ skit from SNL…oh… DO want to be surprised???

That’s a little inside joke between Steven and myself, which makes for great reading for everyone else, obviously.

But, man – you’re making me feel like less of an old man waving my fist at the sky, because I think the lineup sucks, too. Just feels incredibly lacking in a variety of talent. As for who I’d book for a one-day festival, that’s tough. It would definitely depend on the vibe I was going for, but I do kind of like the way Bonnaroo typically has an incredibly wide array of artists so I’d probably stick to that vision.

Seems like Jimi Hendrix was tailor made for something like this. I would add Three Six Mafia for obvious reasons. Jack Johnson because there’s nothing better to listen to while laying in a field. Slipknot just for the visual. Pink Floyd. Dwight Yoakum. Bruno Mars. Cher. I would basically create the musical equivalent of schizophrenia on stage.



Depends on whether or not the Crying Wolf has a fucking cook on the clock. I mean, damn – I don’t mind ordering Five Points Pizza, but my first choice would be to….y’know….order food where I’m sitting and not have to worry about it being delivered.

But, honestly, the old fashioneds aren’t as good at Edgefield, but I’ll take their food all day every day over Crying Wolf. Hard to imagine we pregame anywhere else from now on.



1) “Just do it” – no, not from a Nike poster. But, I had a manager at my first job out of college who was ultimately the one who convinced me to start writing. Gave me a book called “The Artist’s Way” that helped me out, and sort of sent me on this journey to where I am now. The sentiment was pretty simple – I had all of this creativity beaming out of me but had no way to channel it. I never tried to write because I didn’t go to journalism school – I always thought “I’ll never make it.”

This manager convinced me to take the first step back in 2013. What’s the worst that could happen if you just try it and see what happens? Well, I took the first step and it’s working out well so far.

2) Anywhere in the world? Whew…that’s tough. Mount Juliet is home, after all – I like being close to Nashville and close to the outdoors at the same time. Ultimately, I’d probably go with Gatlinburg – get me a big cabin in the woods.



I haven’t seen the Masked Singer yet but people won’t stop talking about it, so I think I’ll have to check it out.

Tennessee has to be the favorite to win the SEC right now. I mean, this looks like a legitimate National Championship contender. As for a dark horse, Brent I promise I’m not trying to kiss your ass here, but Ole Miss is 12-2 and just knocked off the #11 ranked Auburn Tigers….who knew the SEC would be such a gauntlet this year? Eight teams with at least 10 wins right now – we’ll see how that holds up as we get into conference play. Is the SEC a basketball conference now?????

*awaits college football Twitter to explode*

Keep the questions coming using #SoBrosMailbag – catch y’all next week!

Stoney Keeley is the Editor in Chief of The SoBros Network. He is a strong supporter of Team GSD and #BeBetter. “Big Natural” covers the Tennessee Titans, Alabama Crimson Tide football, the WWE, and a whole wealth of nonsense. Follow on Twitter @StoneyKeeley

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