2019 National Championship Drinking Game

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Well, here we folks. The 2019 National Championship Drinking Game – and another fun season of college football in the books. We say it every year, but it sure is bittersweet, isn’t it? It is literally the most meaningful game of the entire season. The stakes could not be any higher, but by the same token, it also means it’s our final live college football viewing experience of the season. We’re poised for another lengthy offseason after tonight, but it does provide me with an opportunity to look back at the season.

First off, my prediction back in August – I was dead ass wrong about an Alabama-Wisconsin National Championship. I don’t think there was a more disappointing team in 2018 than the Badgers. Missouri was my ‘dark horse’ pick in the SEC, and I wasn’t too terribly far off about that, but they weren’t a legitimate threat to Georgia as I thought they’d be. That team ended up being Florida. I also thought Clemson would take a huge step back, and that this Tide-Tigers feud was over. Florida State, Miami, and Virginia Tech were ALL supposed challenge for the ACC title.

Actually, ‘Bama being here is about all I got right this season. I did predict Texas A&M would surprise some people, and that the Pac-12 would miss the College Football Playoff again. But, otherwise, a down year for me as far as prognostications go.

You can check out my National Championship betting guide here. But, let’s get on with the show. All the sappy reflective bullshit aside, let’s get you what you came here for: the damn drinking game.

2019 National Championship Drinking Game

Take a drink if/when…

*Anyone mentions the saga of Jalen Hurts. This one alone is your annual ‘alcohol poisoning watch’ rule.

*They talk about Dabo Swinney making the change from Kelly Bryant to Trevor Lawrence.

*Highlights of the semi-finals are shown – that’s Alabama-Oklahoma and Clemson-Notre Dame to be clear.

*For every 50 passing yards Tua Tagovailoa amasses.

*Travis Etienne gets a touchdown.

*Jerry Jeudy tallies 100+ receiving yards.

*Trevor Lawrence throws a touchdown.

*Irv Smith, Jr. catches a touchdown.

*They mention Dexter Lawrence and/or the failed drug tests.

*Nick Saban gets agitated with a reporter.

*They talk about the “health” of Tagovailoa’s ankle.

*Anyone mentions Quinnen Williams as a top 10 pick in the NFL Draft.

*Anyone on the Clemson defense records a sack.

*Jalen Hurts gets a carry or records a reception.

*Josh Jacobs, Damien Harris, and Najee Harris combine for 200+ yards.

Take a shot if/when…

*Anyone compares this Alabama-Clemson rivalry to the Rocky movies.

*Someone actually makes a wise crack about Hunter Renfrow being at Clemson for 17 years.

*These two teams hit the OVER, which is 59.5 by the way. Check out our full betting guide here.

*Hale Hentges catches a touchdown.

*The game ends. That’s right, folks. It’s a bittersweet day. We won’t witness another college football game until late August/early September. No matter who your team is, who you were rooting for in this game, or what – raise a glass, make a toast to this wonderful sport we love, and drink to another fun season in the books.

As always, drink responsibly. Play it safe.

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