The 2019 ‘SoBro of the Year’ Watch List

 In Nashville

Alright, ladies and gentlemen – another year in the books. That means it’s time for us to shift gears and look into the future. We’re kicking off the new year by gandering into our crystal ball for the 2019 SoBro of the Year honors. For those of you who may be new to the site, we honor the individual or group of individuals who best exemplify the core values of our company (uplift others, create fearlessly, be humble, and GSD (get shit done)). Bonus points if you have fun doing it.

Past Honors:

2017 – Paul Heggen
2018 – WKRN’s Good Morning Nashville

The Usual Suspects

I’m pretty sure that as long as P.K. Subban plays for the Nashville Predators, he’s going to find himself among the 16 ‘SoBro of the Year’ finalists every year. Dude is electric, and just does so much to make the community around him a better place that you can’t ignore his impact. Likewise, the same can probably said for Taylor Lewan of the Tennessee Titans. Rusev missed the cut in 2018, but is starting 2019 off as the WWE’s United States Champion. More critical to his ‘SoBro of the Year’ hopes, he began the lineage of the King of New Nashville crown back in 2016. That’s always going to put him in the running. Finally, you always have to mention Pekka Rinne in this conversation, too.

Career Achievement

Every year, we end up with one or two people who have displayed consistency over the course of a career. It’s not always one big year that puts ’em in the field – people like Paul Kuharsky in 2017, J.R. Lind in 2018, and the like. In 2018, Dawn Davenport received such a nomination, but in 2019, I think that honor could easily go to 104.5 The Zone’s 3HL as a whole. It was probably the first “fun” sports radio program in Nashville when it hit airwaves nearly a decade ago. Speaking of which, Clay Travis may be the single biggest influence on this web site. Some of you are probably groaning at that, but the fact that he hasn’t already earned a nomination is kind of baffling. Finally, I’d have to mention Jurrell Casey. You could make a convincing argument for him being the best Titan of 2018, something I’ll write about in the future. But, he’s routinely been one of the more underrated defensive lineman in the NFL and deserves some recognition for the positive force he’s been for Nashville.


The first name that came to mind for my 2019 watch list was Jason Martin. Dude just nails it – whatever it is…he nails it. The Big 6 launched in 2018 on 104.5 The Zone and has allowed Martin the platform to share his unique perspective on a daily basis. But, he also breathed some life into the 104.5 The Zone website with the Big 6 Blog. We’re looking at a guy who could be the future of Nashville sports talk. Also, have to shout out Nate Bain for the work he’s done in revamping the social media landscape of the Tennessee Titans. Ryan Johansen is the leading point scorer for the Preds, so if he keeps that up, he’ll most likely end up on our list. Finally, since we do a lot of work in independent wrestling, I’d have to mention guys like Brett Ison, Teddy King, and O’Shay Edwards, who appear poised for a GIANT year on the southeastern scene. If Stokely Hathaway does indeed maintain a strong presence at SUP here in Nashville, you can add his name to that list as well.

What do you think, SoBros Nation? Who are you keeping your eyes on in the coming year?

Stoney Keeley is the Editor in Chief of The SoBros Network. He is a strong supporter of Team GSD and #BeBetter. “Big Natural” covers the Tennessee Titans, Alabama Crimson Tide football, the WWE, and a whole wealth of nonsense. Follow on Twitter @StoneyKeeley

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