Two Week Old Content: Matt Bosher Layin’ the Wood

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I know I literally just typed over 2,000 fucking words about how I was going to take the holidays off, but I sit here on Christmas Eve Eve relaxed and you know….I just got the itch. Something ridiculous happened in a National Football League game today, and I couldn’t let it go without comment from the SoBros Network. It’s a punter laying wood – I’m never NOT going to write about it when a punter takes someone completely off their feet. That’s part of the SoBros Promise. Anyway, Matt Bosher brought the truck stick in a game that the Atlanta Falcons ultimately lost in Week 16.

My GOD. I’ve seen a lot of pro wrestling in my day, and I can safely say that looks like some shit straight out of a WWE ring. It takes a special kind of punter to go out headhunting like this.

I’m suddenly having flashbacks of a time a friend of mine ran full speed into a literal clothesline. It was nearing sunset, so visibility was at an all-time low according to my rain gauge at the time. Anyway, I saw it. He didn’t it, and I thought for sure he was walking with the Lord after that. You know you’re in bad shape when your feet are higher in the air than your face is. That’s just a good general rule of life and should alert you that some serious danger is likely coming to you as soon as you hit the ground.

Nonetheless, you can’t help but get hyped from watching a punter go out there and cold cock jack the sumbitch up. I haven’t seen a clothesline that good since JBL retired.

But, all of this said, I am firmly committed in my idea of taking a break for the holidays for the sake of my mental health. So, I’m going to make sure no one reads this for a week and a half. That works.

Merry Christmas two weeks ago, and thank you for tuning into this fine journalistic content today.

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