The SoBros Mailbag: 42nd Edition – Pet Peeves and Celebrity Crushes

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Let’s face it – every day we are routinely bombarded with questions. When you’re an emerging media company in Nashville, people just want to know what your opinions are on everything. It’s only natural. And, since our duty is to serve the people, well, we have no choice but to be present. That’s the SoBro Way. Also, aren’t mailbags just a barrel of laughs anyway? Welcome to the newest weekly recurring feature up in this bitch: The SoBros Mailbag. As always, use #SoBrosMailbag to hit us up on Twitter.



Well played, Steven. I don’t want to pile on here, but Jennifer Love Hewitt would definitely be my ’10 year old me’ answer. I watched Can’t Hardly Wait and am pretty sure JLH was the first celebrity crush I ever had. 25 year old me would’ve gone with….yeesh….I don’t know. That would’ve been…..2011….hard to say. I know right now, I think I’d go with Evangeline Lilly……Evangeline Lilly or Gene Hackman. Don’t make me choose!



Don’t act like y’all wouldn’t watch the shit out of that.



For the most part, I’m a pretty laid back guy, Armondo. I don’t have many things that drive me up a wall. First and foremost, it’s people who block intersections. I drive like an old man and am laid back to begin with, so I don’t really get road rage, but that is one thing that will make me lose my shit in an instant….when someone pulls out in the middle of an intersection and the light turns red. I have laid on my horn for the duration of a red light before because of this.

Second, it’s people mispronouncing Marcus Mariota’s last name – it’s inexcusable to me. The dude has been in the national spotlight since he played at Oregon. How do we still have professional broadcasters in the NFL that don’t know how to pronounce it? It’s mind boggling to me, and is a surefire way of getting me to yell at my TV during games.



Only this one:

Image result for razor scooter

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