The Friday Feel Good: Brett Ison vs. B-Boy Edition

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Every Friday, we here at the SoBros Network like to give you a proper sendoff into your weekend. Something to make you laugh, something to make you happy, something to make you cry, whatever you want to call it. But, anyway, we figured why not give this special column a name? So, here we are, folks – it’s the Friday Feel Good. This week, we are going to watch the Brett Ison vs. B-Boy match from Revive Pro on December 3, 2018.

Switching things up a bit this week, as today is the last day we’ll be running new content in 2018. I’ve got our annual ‘story of us’ piece lined up for the typical Friday Feel Good slot, so let’s bump it up to an 11AM release! We have some damn good shit to cover today, ladies and gentlemen. It’s something very special to the current landscape of Tennessee wrestling – it’s the Brett Ison vs. B-Boy match that had wrestling Twitter turned upside down a couple of weeks ago.

I’m definitely late to the party on this one – my obligations and responsibilities have prevented me from making the time to watch it, but I knew I would eventually. I can honestly say this contest more than lives up to the hype, which seems like an accomplishment in and of itself in this day and age.

Let’s hit the highlights!

*Loved the way this match got started with a mutual show of respect between these two – B-Boy is a veritable independent wrestling legend, and Ison’s a guy who is just getting his major comeuppance. I don’t think it’s a secret how much this match meant to the totality of Tennessee wrestling, so it was nice to see these guys acknowledge the moment in a way and kick things off with a handshake.

*Once the action picks up, it’s just brutal shot after brutal shot – a strike-fest that rivals some of the best I’ve seen. Ison hits so fucking hard, but B-Boy delivers some vicious kicks in his own right. I started feeling concussed just watching this.

*”B-Boy might be his kryptonite” – Awesome to hear Mose and Jesse acknowledge how dominant Ison has been in 2018, but how a savvy veteran always comes prepared, having scouted his opponent. Just great situational awareness by those two there.

*”I want the man I looked up to as a child!” – Holy shit, what a moment. “I’m here, motherfucker” – I don’t know if this is a bit overzealous of me or not, but can we call this exchange the Tennessee version of “I’m sorry, I love you” or am I putting that on too high a pedestal?

*So smart of Ison to pull B-Boy into a submission and slow things down when the strikes get carried away.

*Then come the near falls – excellent pacing here, as the action quickens. Ison goes for the Iron Elbow, but B-Boy counters with a headbutt.

*B-Boy hits a tornado DDT on the floor, the two beat the 10-count together, and both men end up on their knees throwing haymakers at each other. B-Boy hits a Shining Wizard but Ison kicks out. Ison hits Street Justice, but B-Boy kicks out! All it takes is one moment and boom – the Iron Elbow ends it. Unbelievable last few minutes of this match.

*This was a high quality brawl, the quintessential test of wills. I have no problem with people calling this the match of the year in Tennessee wrestling. But, kudos to both of these guys for putting on a show that genuinely affected people.

*Also, for fuck’s sake, buy the ‘Street Justice’ t-shirt here.

Happy Friday, guys – whatever you do, stay safe out there. Celebrate life. Wave at the haters. All that stuff.

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