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Alright, y’all – welcome back. Only a few more features in my ‘Best of 2018’ series are left. So, I’m just going to bang these lists out right quick. Today, I’m looking at my top 10 WWE tag teams of 2018.

Honorable Mentions

Moustache Mountain, Chad Gable & Bobby Roode, Jason Jordan & Seth Rollins, and Braun Strowman & Nicholas are the only four duos to hold gold in 2018 that didn’t make the cut. I love Tyler Bate and Trent Seven together, and would love to see them get a solid tag run in NXT, but 2018 wasn’t the year. Gable & Roode are intriguing, but they’re just getting started. Jordan and Rollins are just a footnote in 2018, and the final pairing is comprised of a superstar and a literal child. Yeah – there’s no wondering why these champs didn’t make the cut.

I love Sanity and the War Raiders, but for whatever reason, they just haven’t clicked for their respective brands. I expect the War Raiders to have a much bigger 2019 than they had a 2018. Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan had a hell of a run back in the spring and parlayed that into a few tremendous matches with the Undisputed Era. Finally, I dig what they’re doing with The Forgotten Sons. I’d definitely mention them on my 2019 watch list – if I made such a thing. There’s been so much ‘Best of 2018’ crap – I’ll spare you all of that.

Top 10 WWE Tag Teams

10. Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins – Ambrose and Rollins had a series of excellent matches with McIntyre and Ziggler upon Ambrose’s return back in the late summer. They even captured the Raw Tag Team Championship, though they only held onto them for 14 days….and they just happened to be feuding with each other during that entire span.

9.  Authors of Pain – I simply don’t understand what they’re doing with AoP on Monday Night Raw. These guys were dominant in NXT, but when they were called up to the main roster after WrestleMania, they simply languished about the lower end of the card. That said, they still had a reign as Raw Tag Team Champions that was rather short-lived, so they had a better year than some teams.

8. The B-Team – It finally happened for Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. They stepped out of the shadow of The Miz and won the Raw Tag Team Championship on their own. Bravo. They held the straps from July through the end of the summer before losing to McIntyre & Ziggler.

7. The Deleters of Worlds – Some called it zany and stupid, but I actually thought it was a refreshing jolt of energy to a Raw tag team division that was growing stale. Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt had one reign as Raw Tag Team Champions that lasted a respectable 79 days.

6. Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler – One 49-day run with the Raw Tag Team Championship isn’t going to wow anyone, but when McIntyre and Ziggler announced their presence on Raw as a unit, they were dominant.

5. The Usos – The Usos saw all of their greatest success come early in 2018. They entered the year as SmackDown Tag Team Champions, and held onto them until WrestleMania 34, where they lost the straps to The Bludgeon Brothers. Also missing in 2018 are the ‘match of the year’ caliber showdowns that Jimmy and Jey had in 2017. That said, all things considered, this is still most definitely one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling.

4. The New Day – The New Day is the greatest tag team to come along since the TLC days of the Attitude Era. I’m not going to dispute that, but they slipped a bit in 2018. One tag title run on SmackDown for a couple of months isn’t going to put ’em on top of this list. That said, they’re constantly evolving to keep their spot as one of the most entertaining acts in wrestling.

3. The Bludgeon Brothers – Okay, sue me. I fuckin’ like The Bludgeon Brothers. Call me crazy – @ me. Whatever. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan work very well together, and had one of the most dominant tag team championship runs in recent history before Rowan suffered an injury. They stood tall at WrestleMania 34 and would hold the SmackDown Tag Team Championship for 135 days afterwards.

2. The Bar – People need to stop sleeping on the combination of Cesaro and Sheamus. I mean, yeah – I never in a million years would’ve seen the run these guys have had coming back when Mick Foley forced them to be tag team partners. I thought it was just a transitional story line for both guys, but two years later and they’re starting to put themselves in the upper echelon of WWE’s tag team history. Between two reigns as Raw/SmackDown Tag Team Champions this year, they’ve held the titles for 132 days and counting.

1. The Undisputed Era – Nobody in WWE had the tag team success that the Undisputed Era had in 2018, period. With the exception of a two-day hiccup to Moustache Mountain, the Undisputed Era held the NXT Tag Team Championship every day in 2018. In fact, dating back to win they initially won the straps in November of 2017, they’ve held gold for 382 of the last 384 days. Unprecedented, and dare I say….(don’t do it, Stoney. FFS, don’t do it) undisputed.

Past Honors

2014 – The Usos
2015 – The New Day
2016 – The New Day
2017 – The Usos
2018 – The Undisputed Era

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