The SoBros Network’s Top 10 Moments of 2018

 In Nashville

Tis the season for ‘Best of 2018’ EVERYTHING. Fair warning – I have some sort of feature on the year that was for the SoBros Network -OR- looking ahead to 2019 every day this week. We’re shutting our doors for the year on Friday, and I want to make sure we’ve put out every fucking reflective look at ourselves that I can.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at my personal favorite moments of 2018 that I’ve lived thanks to the SoBros Network machine. We have plenty to celebrate, so narrowing this down to 10 was difficult. I would like to give an honorable mention to Thor showing up in Wakanda during Avengers: Infinity War. That wasn’t a SoBros moment, but it was pretty awesome, and motivates me at least once a week to this day.

The SoBros Network’s Top 10 Moments of 2018

10. Fidget Boyz – This project was very near and dear to my heart for over a year. But, it always sat on the shelf because organizing production days are so hard to do. We made it happen, though, and thanks to RHog, Brandon, Lane, and Mose, it far surpassed even my expectations.

9. P.K. Subban Article – Herbie Brooks wrote a hell of an article about P.K. Subban being the most valuable Pred in franchise history. It became our most-read article of the year, but boy was it fun to watch the numbers climb on that piece.

8. The SoBros Comedy Invitational – It was a fun night, but hot damn it was a lot of work. I still think about packing 50 people into a back room at Buffalo’s Billiards. It was amazing, and we proved to ourselves that we could run a live show.

7. “Hiring” Mose – Listen, in my role, I’ve seen a lot of people come and go. It’s hard to get people committed to a vision when there’s no money coming in – much less once they realize that you’re not just going to slap a few articles on a site or do a few podcasts and become famous. But, bringing in “The General” John Mosley has been a revelation. Not only is the guy a hilarious writer, but he films, he podcasts, he edits, he does it all. His spirit is a shining example of the “SoBros Spirit,” and I’m ecstatic that he decided this gig was something worth pursuing.

6. SCI Weekend – My God – all the content we got out of that weekend, between going to Scenic City Invitational Friday and Saturday night and then hitting up the SUP show in Nashville, it was amazing. Guys were gracious enough to give me a little bit of their time to run several interviews. Our show recaps had excellent numbers. We recorded our best podcast of the year. And, on top of it all, we just had a damn good time. Can’t wait for 2019.

5. The ‘Street Justice’ shirt – You can write a million goals down each and every year, and I promise you there will always still be stuff that catches you by surprise. This was one of those occurrences. We’d worked with SUP for several shows, and thanks in large part to the work that Mose put in covering the promotion and specifically the year of Brett Ison, we were in a position to make this shirt.

Brett was generous enough to give us the opportunity to produce and promote his ‘Street Justice’ t-shirt, and in doing so, opened up an entire revenue stream I never would’ve forecast. I can’t say how appreciative I am of Brett, of Mose, and of Cadbury for making this whole deal come together – as it stands, we’ve produced 23 shirts this year….’Street Justice’ sits comfortably at #2 on our best sellers list. Who knows what’s going to come next?

4. Lake Season 2018 – We put a ton of work into designing and creating the Lake Season 2018 line. It’s still available for sale, but more than anything, it was a testament to the DIY spirit of SoBros Network. People ask me all the time, “who does your shirts?”


The team came together and figured out how to design a t-shirt, Cadbury figured out how to get the design on a shirt, we figured out how to build an online store. From there, we spent time honing the process and improving our quality. Just the fact that we did it on our own – that’s the SoBros Way, folks. We turned a profit on Lake Season 2018, and still have loads of inventory for next year as well. Big win.

3. Nashville Film Festival – Getting the e-mail that, for the first time in this shitty little comedy/sports/movie site’s history, we were going to be credentialed members of the media was a huge win for us. Sure, we still keep getting turned down for SEC Championship and SEC Media Days passes, but that’s neither here nor there. This is huge progress, and I’ll never forget that first ‘yes’ we got and how much work Brandon got to pull off because of it. Truly one of those ‘time standing still’ moments.

2. Dennis Kelly answers the bell – If you need a refresher on what this site’s deal with Dennis Kelly is, then feel free to read the full story here. In short, it’s ridiculous – started with a joke, then when we noticed that every time he was on the field, the Titans scored a touchdown, we launched the Dennis Kelly Touchdown Tracker, and the rest, as they say, is history. But, when he actually answered my ALS Pepper Challenge, he created a moment for me that I could’ve never seen coming. The official Titans account (shout out to Nate Bain) retweeted the video, and for a brief moment in time, ‘SoBros Network’ was plastered across the main page of the team I love and cover (my way – mind you….vulgar jokes and f words along the way).

Pretty crazy stuff. We’ve been on the “Touchdown” Dennis Kelly train for a while. But, it was awesome to see so much support for him and his level of play this season, too. And, of course, let’s not lose sight of the real message here – you can still donate to the ALS Therapy Development Institute.

1. WKRN – It made our year. Let’s call it what it was. We dig a lot into back-end stuff to measure our success – pageviews, unique users, all that stuff. But, that can make it difficult to measure where we are in our growth in terms of just simple public perception. We like to know if people like us and that all of our pageviews aren’t just coming from bots in Asia. We got a shout out on the air because of a little piece I wrote about Neil Orne’s 440 tweets.

Next thing I know, my phone’s blowing up – “dude, SoBros were just name dropped on WKRN.”


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This was undoubtedly 2018’s version of Paul Heggen showing up at JB’s Pour House to hang out with us.

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