As an Update, People Are STILL Getting Hurt on Scooters in Nashville

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We have been covering this ongoing saga involving the Bird scooters in Nashville since June (see here and here). It ain’t pretty, folks, and we here at SoBros Network are staunch enemies of the scooter. It’s just dumb – we have enough traffic problems in town as it is. We don’t need people reeling about town on devices they have no idea how to use. That’s how people keep getting run over. Anyway, we’re about to watch further evidence as to why these things shouldn’t be in Nashville in a clip that surfaced from Broadway over the weekend.

As usual, here’s a link in case Instagram decides to take this video down.


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You know what? This kind of has me rethinking my harsh stance against these scooters. Like, if this is the kind of content we’re going to get out of this thing, then maybe it’s not so bad. As long as these kinds of clips keep popping up, then maybe we can get something out of ’em after all.

But, this lady looks like she had no business being on that scooter to begin with. I dig the Terminator glasses, but she definitely looks like she’s going to have to have a word with Bird’s managers as soon as she gets up.

I think a good rule of thumb to go by when operating these things is to NOT have your first time on a scooter be on the busiest road in the entire city. Like, if she’s doing this a few blocks away, maybe it’s not so bad. But, down on Broadway…..lady, that ain’t the place to fuck around with this kind of shit. This clip lasts about 20 seconds, and I think she has control of that Bird for a total of 1.5 seconds. Ya zigged when you should’ve zagged, ma’am.

We’re working to confirm with Poppa Bear, but that definitely looks like a dislocated shoulder if I ever saw one. If this lady wants to continue riding scooters, maybe she should consider professional wrestling training so she can learn how to minimize impact by landing properly. That’s the only course of action if these things are to stay in town – mandatory pro wrestling training. Like, you can’t activate these things unless you provide proper documentation that you’ve graduated from wrestling school.

Food for thought.

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