Derrick Henry Is Getting Hot at the Right Time for the Titans

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Derrick Henry is on the roll of his career. He got 33 carries against the New York Giants on Sunday, which went for 170 yards and two touchdowns. This coming just a week after going for 238 yards and four touchdowns against the Jacksonville Jaguars in what was literally a record-breaking performance. 408 yards with six touchdowns in his last two games – that’s completely unbelievable. His previous season high was 58 yards….now, all of a sudden, dude is running roughshod over whoever they put in front of him. He had 474 yards through the first 12 games…now he has 408 in his last two. WTF?

So, what’s changed? From my super official journalistic football scouting eyes, it just looks like Henry’s running with a lot more force. Dion Lewis runs hard. All season, I felt like Herbie Brooks and I were saying that if Henry ran like Lewis, he’d be unstoppable. Well, it looks like that day’s finally come. Henry is taking less time to bounce around in the backfield. Instead, he’s finding his hole, making one cut, and then stepping on the gas. I swear, it’s like he finally realized he’s the size of tractor….carrying a caravan of Giants on his back for six yard gain after six yard gain.

In the seven games prior to the bye week, Henry averaged five yards per carry or greater just once. In the seven games since the bye, he’s done it four times, including a night when he averaged 14 yards per carry against the Jags. Henry has proven himself and Matt LaFleur and company are listening. But, it couldn’t be coming at a better time.

I’ve written several times this season that this Titans offense is yearning for an identity….searching for something to ignite its potential. Well, and I’m going to bring back a key phrase from the 1990s for this, HELLOOOOO!!!?? Also, let’s keep this thing going – “Earth to the Titans.” You’ve got your ticket – run the damn ball. Now, I will say that this Titans defense is something nasty. They’ve had a lot…probably the most….to do with this little three-game win streak the Titans find themselves on.

But, the point is, it finally seems like everything is coming together for this team.

And, good thing, because there’s no time to waste. The time for slip-ups and duds are behind them. The Titans essentially have to win out if they want to have any shot at the playoffs this year. Even if they win out, they need the Ravens or the Steelers to lose at least once. But, they can’t afford to have any more slumps like the Colts and Texans games. If Henry keeps up this level of play, and the defense keeps the Redskins and Colts off the scoreboard, they won’t. LFG.

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