Tough As Nails Good Boy Survives California Wildfire and Holds Down the Fort

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The 2018 California wildfire season was the deadliest season on record. A lot of damage and a lot of heartache for a lot of people. I can’t even imagine. But, this story about a dog protecting its home throughout the aftermath of one of these fires is a rare good story amidst all of the tragedy.

Courtesy of our friends at WKRN:

A dog that survived the catastrophic wildfire in Northern California apparently protected the ruins of his home for almost a month until his owner returned.

Madison was there waiting when Andrea Gaylord was allowed back to check on her burned property in Paradise this week.

Gaylord fled when the Nov. 8 fire broke out and decimated the town of 27,000. An animal rescuer who responded to Gaylord’s request to check on Madison first spotted the male Anatolian shepherd mix several days later.

Shayla Sullivan said the outdoor guard dog was apprehensive and kept his distance. Sullivan left food and water for him regularly until Gaylord got back on Wednesday.

Big time clutch move, and the latest reminder that dogs are too good and pure for this world.

But, I have to say, this good boy does have a bit of the ‘disappointed parent’ look going for him. It’s like when mom waits up at the dinner table past midnight until you come home because your drunk degenerate ass was out chasin’ tail and boozin’ up past curfew.

“I’m not mad, Rachel. I’m disappointed.” 

I don’t know how this dude survived for so long after seeing some of the utter devastation that region incurred. But, that is determination and power of will that I may never understand. Official motion to add this good boy to the Clutch Hall of Fame – all in favor, comment ‘aye.’

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