Beta Ray Greg Presents : Marvel Studios Avengers: Endgame Trailer #1

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It’s finally here. The long (stress the long) awaited peak into the next chapter of the Avengers movies is here. It does not disappoint. In a week dominated by Marvel Studios trailers, this trailer lives up to the hype and delivers a punch without giving up a single dang bit of information. How do they do it? Let’s get in to the greasy stuff.

Marvel Studios Presents Avengers: Endgame

We open with Tony Stark, Iron Man, with a busted suit. He taps on his mask laying on a bench for a mic check. He is doing what he feels is his last good-bye, speaking only to Pepper. Oh the feels. He mentions that his food and water ran out days ago and his oxygen will run out the next day. He’ll sleep and not wake. What a terrible thing to know. There’s no hope in sight. We get a zoomed out view of the ship he’s on backlit with distant stars. You just feel hopelessness. As his scene ends, you see him turn the face plate camera off as he gently rubs the outside of the what’s left of the helmet. He knows this is the end. His emotions are just pouring through this scene.

We see the Marvel Studios nameplate. It wipes away as if Thanos himself willed it.

Next, we find ourselves looking at Thanos’ armor scarecrow on his remote farm that he has settled on. We see only his hip and his hand as he saunters through his field. Marvel is loving these vague hip shots lately.

Voice over is Black Widow. She is saying Thanos did exactly what he said he was going to do. He wiped out half of all living things. Which means people’s poor pets got the proverbial dropkick into non-existence also. What a jerk. We finally see who she’s talking to…Captain America. He has tears in his eyes. He not only has lost everything from his past, but now his present and his future. I think fixing this means more to him than anyone else. It has to mean more, Cap has lost too much. Last we see in this scene, Bruce Banner rubs his face as pictures of what I can only assume are who they believe to be lost, pass by on a screen – we see Scott Lang’s photo.

We get a swinging shot of what, I guess, is a training room at the Avengers complex. We see Thor sitting in what appears to be a cell. I’m sure that’s not what it is, but the walls looks familiar. Voice is Cap. He says “We’ve lost, all of us…” As he says that, Thor looks up and we’re reminded he lost his eye. “We’ve lost friends, we lost family…” We see what looks to be Nebula entering into a room – dark and shadowy. Backlit to obscure the view, but we see them touch something and run their hand down. Did she find the body of Gamora?

“We lost a part of ourselves..” We see a figure in either an Asian country or a Chinatown like area. Standing above a bloodbath. They clean their sword off on their sleeve. We see Natasha nearby under and umbrella. The figure turns and removes their hood. It’s Clint Barton, which is awesome. One, he’s back! Two, it shows a new character adaption of his. I’ll leave that at that, but its exciting. What has led him to this? How much time has passed?

We see Black Window and Cap suited up for battle. Cap takes a longing moment with his compass that has Peggy’s photo from WW2 in it. Natasha says “This is going to work, Steve.” He says he knows it is, because he doesn’t know what he’ll do if it doesn’t. This man has lost everything.

The title starts to form on the screen, built from the ashes of the Marvel nameplate. Bam. Avengers: Endgame. Aptly named.

And again, in perfect Marvel fashion. The after scene. We hear a familiar voice. Scott Lang. He’s not dead! He’s on the Avengers complex main gate camera. Cap asks if this is old footage, because you know, Thanos. Ant-Man, I know you know that. Can you buzz me in?”

Dang it Marvel, another perfect trailer. We get what we want but without loosing any surprise of the nature of things. Man. I for one cannot wait until April.

Beta Ray Greg is the Comic Critic for SoBros Network, the ‘Fangtastic 5K 2018 Mr. Irrelevant.’ The man has the single most impressive spreadsheet in existence that is used to document his historic collection. He’s a big time Spider-Verse guy. Follow on Twitter: @BetaRayGreg.

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