NBA Legend Penny Hardaway Signs Fan’s…..Wing Sauce?

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That’s right, former NBA athlete and current head coach of the Memphis Tigers, Penny Hardaway, gave a young fan something special to remember this week: his autograph on a chicken wing-stained jacket sleeve.

Patrick McNicholas stepped into this fateful encounter when he visited local Memphis eatery, The Bluff, on Monday night.  Invited by a friend, he was one of the lucky University of Memphis students who received free chicken wings on behalf of Mr. Hardaway.

Through an extremely unfortunate mishap, or fortunate depending on how you look at it, Patrick ended with his left jacket sleeve covered in wing sauce.  Why didn’t he remove the jacket before eating? We may never know. What we do know is that this young man took full creative advantage of the situation and asked the legend himself to slap his signature right on top.

Just look how happy Patrick is with his delicious wings and freshly signed sleeve.  When I first saw the picture of his jacket, I thought “Wow…that’s a nice jacket”.  But now, I have to admit, it’s definitely nicer.

For the full story, check out the original Daily Memphian write up by Geoff Calkins here.

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