Nashville Supercross Track Map: Fast and Technical for Nissan Stadium

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Thanks to the folks over at Feld Motorsports and Racer X, we now know what to expect for the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross season.  There are several new track innovations this year as well as the good ol’ fashion designs that have brought Supercross racing to the masses.

Here at SoBros Network, our main focus for the 2019 season is the brand new round in Nashville, because….well that’s our HOME!  As the inaugural event being held on April 6th, Nissan Stadium will be filled with locally-sourced soil and fans from all over the world.

From the looks of this preliminary track layout, we should be in for a fast night of racing with a holeshot straightaway running nearly the entire length of the field underneath.

The four long, and seemingly difficult rhythm sections, look to provide multiple line options.  I expect we’ll see the most technical riders get off to an early advantage here, and could provide quite the opportunity gap for the leaders of the 250 class.

Throw in a medium-length whoop section right before the finish line, and now we have a party!  On behalf of the entire team at SoBros, I cannot begin to express how excited and grateful I am for this Nashville event.  Hope to see you all at the race!

For the full 2019 season track maps, check out Racer X’s original post here.

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