Mike Vrabel Can Be My Coach Forever

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I have to say, this has been a maddening year to be a fan of the Tennessee Titans. They’ve been marred by inconsistency and coming up short when rolling the dice. I’d say “it keeps coming up snake eyes,” but the truth is that I don’t know whether snake eyes is good or bad because I don’t dabble in dice throwing. But, I feel like I illustrated my point well enough. Nonetheless, the Titans find themselves in the thick of the playoff hunt, though I will say – I don’t think their odds are looking good. But, what success they’ve had is due in large part to the head coach, Mike Vrabel, who gets up every Sunday morning and brings his damn lunch pail to work.

There you go. Just out there grinding with the dudes. What better way to lead than by example? You don’t see Andy Reid out there doing this. Which other coach in the league is going to throw the pads on and lay blocks with the boys? Who else has that kind of energy?

Vrabel is the real life example of this meme:

God, I am such a Millennial, calling that nice infograph a “meme.” But, it’s not just that. He’s not just going to put in the work – he’s going to put forth the heart, too. He’s going to be there for you and let you know you’re appreciated.

This is why they call Vrabel a “leader of men,” folks. Wins and losses don’t matter. It’s about the message, and the message is clear. I don’t care if the Titans never win a game again, I hope Vrabel never gets fired. I hope he is the Titans coach forever. He already is in my heart.

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