I Tried the Juniper Latte at Starbucks and It Is Pure Ass

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Starbucks is advancing their quest to take over Christmas with the release of their juniper latte. That’s right – juniper…the tree…that’s the one. A latte that is literally marketed as a Christmas tree in a cup.

Yep – I did it. I drank a drink that is literally tree-flavored.You put pine needles in some espresso and milk, and I will try it. And, if that was the goal, they nailed it. Because that’s exactly what it tastes like, a legitimate Christmas tree. The thing is, trees don’t typically taste that good. Now, I’ve never tried a juniper tree, but I would assume that it doesn’t taste too different from other trees, of which I have tasted.

I powered through a venti, no less. Stopping every few sips to proclaim, “yes – yes, this tastes like a tree,” and then stopping to ask, “but, why though?”

Why are we here? Did they run out of Christmas flavors to run through and think, “well, shit – we gotta come up with something…HOW ABOUT THE TREE?!” What’s next? A wrapping paper latte?

But, what does this say about how much I blindly trust the Starbucks brand? I’m still unmoved in my love for Starbucks, even after drinking this garbage. Starbucks could put horse shit in a latte, and I’d be like, “ah, yeah – guess I’m going to give this a try.”

I’m just going to stick with my usual latte rotation of chestnut praline, gingerbread, egg nog, and the always reliable peppermint mocha.

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