Effy Vs. Nick Iggy Voted SUP’s Match of the Year

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In my opinion, SUP’s Not Problematic was their best show to date. The ‘Match of the Year’ ballot showed just that, with the show boasting six matches among the 15 nominees. At the end of the voting period, though, Effy and Nick Iggy would be the men on top.

The 2018 SoBros Network Awards were voted on in October of 2018. The polls were open to anyone with the link, and hundreds of people cast their ballot. Over the course of the next couple of days, we will be announcing the recipients of all of our wrestling awards, our Best of Nashville awards, and most importantly, SoBro of the Year. So, stay tuned!

This match marked Effy’s first match in SUP, but many of us are still hoping it wasn’t the last. Iggy, of course, has been a staple of the promotion, and has had some of its most underrated performances. Given the gargantuan amounts of charisma in the ring at the same time, the match was bound to deliver.

Where I think it surprised was in the actual grappling. You can’t fault two men with such electric personalities for trying to entertain the crowd with all of the antics that surrounded this match. But, when the bell rang, these two absolutely went after each other. The match ended when Iggy snapped a dick pic in the middle of the ring, distracted Effy, and subsequently rolled him up for the win. Some people said it was nonsense, but folks, the reality is that it was A+ strategy from the savvy Iggy. That’s called knowing an opponent’s weakness and exploiting it.

It was fun and it had a little bit of everything that you look for in a professional wrestling match – athleticism, impactful strikes, excellent outfits, laughs, cries, pure sex, the whole shebang.

Here’s what our guy Mose had to say about it from his recap of Not Problematic:

Daddy vs. Granddaddy. This…this was…sexual insanity. I’m not sure I can go into much detail mainly because of FCC violations. I lost track of how many violent pelvic thrusts ended up being thrown so that should tell you everything you need to know. Iggy wins VIA DICK PIC.

Here’s how the voting broke down:

  1. Effy vs. Nick Iggy – 24.5%
  2. Kerry Awful vs. Mance Warner – 22.5%
  3. Brett Ison vs. Righteous Jesse – 11.8%
  4. Kerry Awful vs. O’Shay Edwards – 9.5%
  5. No New Friends vs. They Might Be Giants – 5.9%

There have been some Grade A matches in SUP this year, and there’s a whole crop of talented guys who deserve credit for leaving it all in that ring in The Basement East. The fact that Effy and Iggy brought home this award this year is a testament to the fun that people have at SUP shows, and it’s a testament to both of these guys and the ability they have, as dynamic wrestlers, to entertain the entirety of a rowdy East Nashville crowd.

Stoney Keeley is the Editor in Chief of The SoBros Network. He is a strong supporter of Team GSD and #BeBetter. “Big Natural” covers the Tennessee Titans, Alabama Crimson Tide football, the WWE, and a whole wealth of nonsense. Follow on Twitter @StoneyKeeley

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