Doctor Pulls Out a Woman’s Kidney ’cause He Thought It Was Cancer, Oops!

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Have you ever gone to the hospital for some minor, routine back surgery and had the doctor accidentally take out your kidney?!?!?! Well, that’s just what happened to this woman in one of the most classic ‘OOPS’ moments of the century!

Courtesy of Global News:

A Florida woman underwent back surgery and ended up having a healthy kidney removed after a surgeon mistook the organ for a tumour.

In 2016, Maureen Pacheco was scheduled to undergo surgery to have bones in her lower back fused together. She left the hospital missing a vital organ.

According to a complaint made by Florida’s Department of Health, when Dr. Ramon Vazquez cut open the then-51-year-old, he noticed a “pelvic mass and provided a presumptive diagnosis” of cancer. The “mass” was removed “in its entirety.”

I don’t know about you guys, but something about this just seems unethical. Like, are there doctors out there who are just taking liberties like this?

Sure, if I have cancer in my body, I think I’d want to have that taken care of. But, if I go into surgery to have my back worked on, just fix my damn back. Then, we can have a conversation about my kidney!

I don’t think it’s like a ticking bomb on a bus, but I could be wrong. Like, wouldn’t there be enough time for the doctor to say, “oh shit, that looks fucked up – we should probably take a look at that as soon as I’m done sewing this person’s spine back together” or am I crazy? Do I not understand how surgeries work?

Also, I’m a little worried that a man who has the credentials to split someone’s back open and operate on it doesn’t know the difference between a kidney and a tumor.

Finally, in conclusion, I’d like to point out that ‘as you can imagine’ is the snarkiest office-speak way to say, “look, dumbass” or “use some fucking common sense.” So, props to this lawyer for throwing that in.

Hope this lady gets her kidney back.

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