Big Win for Nashville As Amazon Announces Ops Center Planned for Downtown

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Folks, the Amazon HQ2 talks cooled off a long time ago. But, now it looks like “Amazon Nashville” is going to be a thing after all. Just not to the scale we were initially vying for, but this is still pretty big, pretty cool news. The company announced this morning that it plans to build a hub for retail operations right here in the Music City.

Courtesy of WKRN:

Amazon announced Tuesday it will create 5,000 new jobs in Nashville at its new Operations Center of Excellence.

The Operations Center of Excellence will serve as the company’s Eastern hub for the company’s retail operations division and will be located in downtown Nashville, according to a release.

Okay, what is an Operations Center of Excellence? That sounds like the headquarters of the Justice League or something. Is Amazon secretly the real life Avengers? Are we getting a squad of superheroes in town to look over us? If so, this is even bigger

Of course, there’s always the alternative. That an ‘Operations Center of Excellence’ is a lair for super villains trying to hide their dastardly plans. It would kind of suck to have a real life Dr. Evil in town.

I’ve been reading too many comic books lately. *Ahem* apologies. Let’s move on.

Sources told News 2 the hub will be located at the site of the old LifeWay building, which was demolished in July, in The Gulch.

The release states Nashville and the state will benefit from Amazon’s 5,000 full-time, high-paying jobs, $230 million in capital investment and one million square feet of energy-efficient office space.

The company employs approximately 2,500 people in the Nashville region across four distribution centers.

Amazon’s decision to create 5,000 new jobs at its Operations Center of Excellence in Nashville makes this the largest jobs announcement since the inception of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce’s Partnership 2020 economic development initiative in 1990, according to a release.

Smokey wrote an excellent piece about why Nashville makes a lot of sense for Amazon back in January. But, public transit was a major issue for Amazon and Nashville still hasn’t figured that part out. When that news broke, I called it a ball game for our city, but it looks like something about Nashville just stuck with Amazon.

Ultimately, they went with Northern Virginia and New York City for “HQ2,” but getting 5,000 jobs for Nashville is still a HUGE deal. Plus, they’re going to build right in the heart of downtown (I’m sure that’s not going to have any effect on traffic at all).

I never thought I’d see the day when Nashville was luring such big companies to town. I mean, record labels and doctors are one thing, but Amazon??!?!?! That’s pretty fuckin’ cool. Just another sign that our city is well on its way to becoming THE powerhouse of the South.


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