Dude Jump Ropes at What Has to Be a Million Steps Per Second

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If you’re a fan of the art of jump roping, like I am, you are going to absolutely love this clip we’re looking at here today. I’ve always been a big jump rope guy. Not only is it just plain good exercise, but it’s one of those things that the longer you do, the more impressive it gets. So I can certainly appreciate when this dude jump ropes like a billion times in this short clip.

As usual, here’s a link in case Instagram takes this video down.


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I’ll tell you one thing – this type of shit sure wasn’t going on at Gladeville Elementary when I was doing the Jump Rope for Heart back in the 4th grade.

Oh, you didn’t know that about me? Well, I guess I’ll have to share now…

Yep – 4th grade, your boy came down to one of the final two in our annual jump rope competition. I was nearly a champion jump roper as a child. That’s how much I loved the sport, and that’s how good I was at it. I was a contender, but ultimately, it only takes one stumble for your entire jump rope career to come tumbling down. That’s precisely what happened to me, and I ended my career with that being my ultimate highlight.

I distinctly remember the tournament – probably like a hundred kids all in the gym at the same time. Everybody gets a jump rope and then you just fuckin’ go until you can’t go any longer. Kids were dropping like flies all around me because I was in superior cardiovascular conditioning. I just jumped and jumped like my life depended upon it and suddenly it hit me, “oh shit – there’s only like four of us left.”

“Keep going, young Stoney. Just keep going.”

Unfortunately, that’s when I stumbled. The magnitude of the situation started to sink in and I crumbled under the pressure.

Anyway, what was I writing about today?

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