Beta Ray Greg Presents : Amazing Spider-Man #7

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“Boomerang is, no joke, the worst roommate ever. Not only does he prove the phrase “three’s a crowd” but also, he somehow talks Spider-Man into going to the Bar With No Name…putting Spidey in the crosshairs of dozens of super villains!”

I’ll be honest…I did not want to like this run of Spider-Man.

I just didn’t – I had spent the last 2.5 years reading Spider-Man’s adventures as told by Dan Slott. I was very willing to hold a damn grudge against the next writer but I can’t. It’s just too good. Nick Spencer and his crew are absolutely on fire.

To catch everyone up, Peter Parker is still Spider-Man, MJ is back as his boo, and PP’s world is still absolutely damn falling apart on itself. He lives with roommates now. One of which used to be a super villain, or still is. That’s where the meat of the issue starts.

Marvel Comics Presents : Amazing Spider-Man #7 (2018)

Good ole Petey. Gotta love ’em. Here we find Peter “The Liar” Parker (not spidey) and his “villainous” roommate Boomerang (Fred Myers) hiding out behind the bar at the Bar With No Name. They just got done winning a Spider-Man trivia contest at the Bar With No Name, conveniently enough, Fred does not know Peter is…well…Spidey himself. Mayor Wilson Fisk (Kingpin, and no, I’m not kidding about the MAYOR part) sends a mass text out to all the super villains that the first person to kill Boomerang gets a cabinet position. Whoa! Makes some real world politicians look like Mary Poppins, y’all. Peter and Fred have to fight their way out of the bar. Peter is having a pretty hard time trying not to blow his secret identity (Spider-Man not The Liar) by spiderhandling the villains.

Fred. Man Fred is a trip. He’s a bro’s bro, nah mean? Well as annoying of a roommate and as terrible of a reformed villain, he really shows his true colors. The Scorcher goes to shoot Peter and Fred dives in front of him and takes the blast. 360*. What a beast. Pete returns the favor and tries to fool the villains with his Liar powers. Uh huh. Boom goes the Bomberang and the boys escape. Whew, cutting it close bro. The roommates have a heart to heart. Peter still isn’t okay with telling Fred about his secret, might never be, but he invites Fred to improv Sunday. Peter will probably regret that.

Fade back to Kingpin freaking out that Boomerang is still alive. He learns that Fred has roommates. He tells his assistant to set up the murder of the ‘roommates.’ Uh oh for whoever accepts that job. As they’re discussing Fred being more pliable after seeing the bodies… a voice interrupts. We’ve heard this voice in a few previous issues. It takes Fisk a moment to realize what’s happening and he tries to valiantly warn his assistants. Boom both dead. A red-hooded figure emerges from the shadows.

You can only see his mouth and blue wrapped mummified face. Outstretched from his back is an elongate body and legs of a centipede. Nope. This dude is the embodiment of night terrors. In previously seen shots of him, He always appears to a villain with either a moment of help or a warning. Always ending with the villain bowing down to him. He can make you see nightmares like they’ve come to life. Wilson Fisk himself bows to one knee in obedience that he will not harm Fred’s roommates.

This issue is legit. The story arc with the mystery man (I’m trying my best not to look him up and be surprised) and the super villains is crazy creative. Another bombshell issue from Spencer and crew. I can’t wait to see where this is going. Til next time Webheads.



Beta Ray Greg is the Comic Critic for SoBros Network. The man has the single most impressive spreadsheet in existence that is used to document his historic collection. He’s a big time Spider-Verse guy. Follow on Twitter: @BetaRayGreg.
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