A Japanese Island Just Disappeared, and No One Noticed, and I Have Questions

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A Japanese island, located in Japan, has mysteriously disappeared. No logical explanation was given on what happened other than some nonsense about wind and ice eroding the island until its eventual disappearance. You can read more about the story below, and you can read more about my thoughts below the story that you can read below.

Courtesy of The Guardian:

Japan could see its territorial waters shrink near its maritime border with Russia after a tiny island off its north-east coast “disappeared”.

The uninhabited islet, called Esanbe Hanakita Kojima, is thought to have slipped beneath the waves, apparently unnoticed by residents living in Sarufutsu, a village on the northern tip of the main island of Hokkaido 500 metres away.

Esanbe is one of 158 uninhabited islands that were given names by the Japanese government in 2014 in an effort to clarify its territorial reach and extend its exclusive economic zone.

Locals were alerted to the islet’s possible disappearance in September after the author Hiroshi Shimizu visited Sarufutsu to write a sequel to his picture book on Japan’s “hidden” islands, according to the Asahi Shimbun.

He alerted the local fisheries cooperative, which sent boats out to its supposed location only to find it had gone missing.

Older fishermen told the Asahi they recalled seeing the island decades ago but later avoided the area because navigation systems recorded it as an undersea reef.

The Japan coastguard said that when the island was last surveyed in 1987 it protruded just 1.4 metres above the surface, leading experts to conclude that it had been eroded by wind and drift ice that form in the Sea of Okhotsk every winter.

No reason for this to be happening. It’s creepy, and can only be explained by a small handful of logical options. I mean, wind can’t just blow an island over. Who would believe that? Ice? Are you kidding me? The only effect ice would have on a large body of mass, which I’m pretty sure is what ‘land’ is that it would freeze it. So, I’m not buying this propaganda that “scientists” are feeding us.

After reading about the importance of Japan’s outlying islands, I think this was clearly a strike by Russia, China, or even Thailand. Why would Thailand do it? Well, if they were to acquire Japan, they may become a major world power. Russia was probably testing its nukes, and China has always had a rivalry with Japan. Plenty of motives for Japan’s neighbors.

But, if that were the case, wouldn’t someone have noticed?


Maybe there’s something far more nefarious at play here? Maybe it was a ghost who claimed the island. There’s all kinds of spooky mythology surrounding Japan. What would a ghost want with an island? Who knows? That makes this idea even scarier. Maybe the ghost dragged the island to the bottom of the ocean in hopes that the crash of mass would open a portal to hell, which has been scientifically proven to be located just under the ocean.

My advice would be to put a team of soldiers on the banks of where the island used to be. Then, watch for the water to start draining. If that happens, you know the devil’s coming next.

Or, maybe this was just a glitch in the matrix. Maybe the island was never really there – much like Sinbad’s Sha-zaam. And, the whole Berenstein Bears phenomenon.

We may never know, and I guess that’s the larger point I’m trying to make here.

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