Is This or Is This Not a Flying Dog?

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I’ve always wished that dogs could fly. How cool would that be? If you get a dog big enough, maybe you could even ride on his/her back through the skies. It would be like riding a drone, but the drone is instead a real life creature that relies upon you for sustenance. Anyway, I always try to stay hip to dog news just in case the day comes when I read a headline, “dogs have learned to fly.” Well, folks, it looks like we may be closer to that day.

As usual, here’s a link in case Instagram decides to take this video down.


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Doggo goes full sendo! 🚀 #goodboy #sendit #goodforit (Via: @athletics_vines)

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Okay, I’m not stupid. I know that the slow motion effect makes it look like this dog is in the air much longer than he actually is. But, by the same token, even in regular speed, he’s still in the air for quite some time.

Being the journalist that I am, I have to ask the important question.

Today, that question is whether or not this dog was actually in the air long enough for it to count as flying.

To me, that’s flying if I ever saw it. No, this good boy does not have wings, but it didn’t stop him from soaring through the air like a golden eagle. I’ve read dinosaur books. I know what a pterodactyl looks like as it flies high above. And, that’s just what this dog looks like.

So, if what birds and pterodactyls do is called flying, then why can’t what this dog is doing be called flying? Make sense?

By that logic, I will declare that this is indeed a flying dog. It’s a big day for both science and dogs everywhere, folks.

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