Movie Review Rewind: Push (2009)

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The feeling I had when I got out of this movie is hard to explain, but I will try. I had never really felt like that before. It was a feeling of indecision. I knew Push was not terrible, but I also knew it was not that good either. And believe it or not, the movie went by fast and it’s actually almost two hours long. So, it was not boring either. But, let me explain the story and what I enjoyed and what I did not.

The story is a mixture of action and sci-fi. The characters in this movie can see the future, mess with your reality, and move objects or people with their mind. In the mix, there is Nick (Chris Evans) and Cassie (Dakota Fanning). Cassie knows about this briefcase and since she can see the future, she knows she’ll need Nick’s help. However, Carter (Djimon Hounsou) is in charge of this agency that also is looking for the briefcase. Carter plays a role in giving these individuals special powers, and he wants them to be weapons. Not people. All of these certain individuals with powers came from a project that went wrong. But, some use their powers for good and others use them for evil.

It is tough to really gather what this movie is trying to do. It delivers on action and mixes sci-fi with it very well. The location of Tokyo is nice to look at. It is a good backdrop for the movie. However, the movie does not really do much with what it has. The characters are one-dimensional. The actors try and carry it, but the attempt is lost. You are never really given any answers as to why these things are going on. Sure, there is a race against time to find this briefcase and a lot of people are looking for it. But, there is no back story for the chaos that is occurring.

For a movie that is almost two hours long, hardly anything is accomplished. It feels like the movie goes around in circles and comes out with the same outcome, but just 45 minutes later than it should have. Maybe if the movie was an hour and 30 minutes, it would have been better. But, I’m not quite sure about that either.

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