What on Earth Are the Jags and Jalen Ramsey Doing?


Weird week in Jacksonville. Star cornerback Jalen Ramsey lashed out at local media and drew a suspension for it. A clip surfaced of Yannick Ngakoue and Dante Fowler getting into a bit of a scrum, which is weird because those men play the same position. Just all in all, seems like a bizarre sequence of events for a team that is entering 2018 as a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

I’m willing to acknowledge that Ramsey plays a hell of a game. In 2017, he established himself as one of if not the best corner in all of football. But, this stuff is just kind of weird. Like, I understand wanting to defend your teammates, but between little nuggets like this and some of his confrontations on the field, he just comes across as an easily agitated, overly sensitive dude.

Not to mention, Ramsey recently slid into an Instagram model’s DMs, and then blocked her when she called him out for already having a child and a girlfriend!

What in the rightful fuck? It would be one thing to see a DE taking on an OL in camp – hell, we just saw that in Nashville on Saturday. But, this is guys who play the same position, who should be as united as anyone on the team, going at it. That Jags defense was renowned for being feisty and aggressive, but this just seems excessive. Is it foolish to read too much into a camp scuffle? Sure – but this defense has some big personalities to manage. And, the fact that something like this can come out and suddenly people are calling for war on the media? That’s just absurd.

Ramsey has since deleted the string of tweets that got him suspended, but it sure seems like he wasn’t happy about the video being posted. I’m guessing that’s at least part of the issue. Regardless, who can blame this guy for posting such a video? That’s journalism! In most cases, fights are the most entertaining part of training camp! Otherwise, it’s just boring practice. You can’t get all rattled because of this.

I don’t know how Tom Coughlin responds to this kind of stuff above and beyond the suspension, but I just wonder if a day will come when Ramsey’s attitude becomes a problem.

The Jags are a solid regression candidate this year. That defense remained pretty healthy in 2017, when they were one of the most dominant units in recent NFL memory. How safe is it to think you can replicate 100% health and historic success??? I don’t think it is at all. Not to mention, this division is going to be tough. Time will tell, but I know I’m not the only Titans fan laughing at this mess this week.

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