Important Journalism: Where Is the Best Arby’s in Nashville?

 In Nashville

This question came up in the Nashville subReddit the other day, and I just found it oddly amusing, so I had to break it down. Arby’s is a staple of American cuisine. No one is going to deny that. But, the quality is prone to vary from location to location. Just like any other quick service food chain, it’s a mixed bag when it comes to customer service.

Since part of what we do here, the biggest part actually, is help people, I figured we should step in and help all of those lost souls out there in the Music City searching for the perfect Arby’s.

The question, courtesy of Reddit:

I repeat this is not a joke

I’ve noticed that Arby’s seem to have a great variation in quality and presentation

Especially with French dip and Swiss.

Don’t believe me? Go order French dip and Swiss at 3 different Arby’s and you be the judge

So now the million dollar question, ”which Arby’s is the best in Nashville?”

That’s fair. In reading the responses to this question, I never really realized there was such an issue with area Arby’s locations. I grew up in Mount Juliet. The Arby’s out there is fantastic. I’m pretty sure it’s been around longer than I’ve been around. Hell, you could tell me it was the first building ever built in Mount Juliet, and I wouldn’t bat an eye. You could tell me Mount Juliet was actually built around the Mount Juliet Arby’s, and I’d think that was perfectly normal and reasonable.

No one talks about it, but it’s a veritable Mount Juliet institution. The Golden Bears, Garr’s Feed Store, Charlie Daniels, and Arby’s. Boom – just sorted out the Mount Juliet Mount Rushmore like it was nothing.

I can remember when the town was nothing more than a two-lane road, and we’d go there for breakfast on Saturday mornings. Ham and cheese croissants, FTW, y’all. Their potato cakes may have well as been crack to a crack-addicted baby Stoney Keeley. Even in high school, once Opry Mills, a much better place for area kids to hang out, was built, we’d still populate at the Arby’s!

It became like a version of Cheers for area teenagers who loved roast beef and curly fries. So, I will spend the rest of my life defending that location as the best in Nashville. Hell, even if it costs me my life, I will defend that location.

The one on Lebanon Road in Hermitage is pretty good, too. When my dad was still with us and had a shop in Mount Juliet, we used to travel there on lunch breaks when in the area. Never a poor experience. In fact, we more often than not had the place to ourselves. No idea how they keep that location open. Maybe it’s the ballin’ ass drive-thru. I don’t know.

But, I would advise staying away from the Donelson Pike location and the Murfreesboro location just off I-24 by Stones River. Not only have both locations been disgusting on my visits, but I’ve also eaten food there that made my butt puke like crazy. I never stopped to think about the drastic difference between the area locations.

But, the best response to it all was this Reddit user’s:

You could go to one Arby’s and order it three times and have three different variations of quality.

Also, shout out to those of us old enough to remember the OG Arby’s sign – there’s still one kickin’ up in Pigeon Forge:

For real, though – Arby’s curly fries over everything.

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