Jericho vs. Okada and Other NJPW Matches I Want Made

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So the G1 Special got me thinking about match-ups that I want to see made over in New Japan country. The NJPW roster was already full of great workers, but with the addition of Chris Jericho and the first major television appearance for Haku since 2001, it has me dreaming big.

Chris Jericho vs. Kazuchika Okada: Fuuuuuck I really want this match to happen. Both of these badasses have been described as “Guys that can have a good match with anybody.” So, let’s square them off against each other and enjoy the absolute gold they would give us. Jericho has been a goddamn mad man since joining back up with NJPW with A+ efforts against Omega and Naito. But, this match with the Rainmaker has so much potential from a wrestling and story standpoint.

Tama Tonga vs. Kenny Omega: This is a little bit of a cheat as these two will square off in the G1 Climax starting up in just a few weeks. But, after Kenny apparently reclaimed leadership of the Bullet Club by beating Cody at the G1 Special this past weekend, Tama, along with Tanga Loa and King Haku, proceeded to smash everyone in sight. The Tongan faction made it clear there is no one leader of Bullet Club as BC is a family. The G1 was already shaping up to be another classic, but with this story heading in, it may be one of the best ever.

Jeff Cobb vs. Tetsuya Naito: Just think of the possibilities! Two dudes that are crazy athletic and can go for days beating the absolutely hell out of each other. Sign me up.

King Haku vs. Hangman Page: Page is starting to get some NJPW love, so let’s throw him in the fire that is King Haku. This match wouldn’t last long, but it would be worth the price of admission. So, I see Page attempting his standing shooting star press only to be caught in a Haku piledriver. Game. Set. Match.

Jay White vs. Josh Barnett: Wanna see a dead body?

John Mosley is the independent wrestling and TV aficionado of the SoBros Network. He graduated from ETSU with a degree in Radio, TV and Film along with a minor in Film Studies. Since graduating he’s done pretty much nothing but watch, film, edit or commentate for local wrestling promotions and is the current color commentator for Resolute Wrestling. #Preds #Titans #DefendOrVacateConor – Follow on Twitter: @SoBroMose

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