It’s Way Too Soon to Put P.K. Subban and Lindsey Vonn Among Nashville’s Top Power Couples

 In Nashville

No one can deny the outright electricity of the new power couple that is P.K. Subban and Lindsey Vonn. I mean, did you even see their 4th of July post? “Who wore it better?”

Don’t stare too long – you might get pregnant.

But, as if that didn’t raise enough buzz, the couple is now gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Fashionable 50 issue!

Courtesy of The Montreal Gazette:

Former Habs player P.K. Subban and four-time world alpine ski champion Lindsey Vonn have cemented their status as a power couple with the announcement that they will be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Fashionable 50 cover.

Though neither of them got the magazine’s title as most fashionable athlete (that went to the New York Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr.), Subban and Vonn pose holding hands with the headline The Perfect Match.

“Your personality and how you wear the clothes is a determining factor in how people see you,” Subban told Sports Illustrated. “I’ve always been taught to leave my house a certain way because you always represent yourself and your family, or your company or team.”

I’m good with it. I dig it. These two are all the rage right now, and that’s perfectly fine. No issue with calling these two a power couple AT ALL. But, where I draw the line is when you start throwing these two in with some of Nashville’s institutional power couples. The Tennessean recently released a little slide show dedicated to Nashville’s biggest power couples. Among them are Subban and Vonn.

I’m just saying – we might need to pump the brakes on this one. They’ve only been announced as a couple for like…what? A month?

And, we’re throwing them in the company of Tim and Faith? Mike and Carrie? Jay and Kristin?

Come on now, guys. What ever happened to letting things marinate and enjoying the ride? Sure – these are two megastars we’re talking about here. But, let’s give it some time before we count them as Nashville royalty.

Could they get there? Sure. But, it’s early! Let’s not anoint them just yet.

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