Dojo Pro Review (Episodes 6-10) [SPOILERS]

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Editor’s Note: For Part 1 of Mose’s Dojo Pro review, click here.

Brandon Cutler vs. Joey Janela: Picking up right where we left off, Janela, coming off his victory over Wheeler Yuta, faces the retuning Brandon Cutler. This is the first time we’ve seen Cutler in a few years, but to no one’s surprise, he can still put in that work. This ended up being another feather in the wrestling cap of Joey Janela. The Bad Boy gets the win with a double stomp and shows that he doesn’t need a death defying stunt to win a match. Post-match, Janela cuts a promo that includes calling out Jerry Lawler, Wolfie D and Jamie Dundee. What a time to be alive.

James Storm vs. Joey Janela: James Storm is in this tournament in the legend spot and was brought in to test whoever made it out of the lower half of the bracket. It’s pretty crazy seeing half of the fabled faction ‘Beer Money’ going mano a mano with Joey freaking Janela. But, 2018 has been a blessing in the wrestling world. Dojo Pro got their first glimpse of hardcore Janela, who took it upon himself to move the outside mats and drop Storm right on the concrete. Already two victories in, the Bad Boy showed us that he’ll do whatever it takes to stay alive in the tournament. That mindset gets him the win over Storm. That’s three straight for Janela but he’s still got a hell of a trek ahead of him.

Ricky Starks vs. Joey Janela: The pre-match package on Ricky Starks was really well done as I didn’t know a lot about him coming into the tournament. They did a great job getting his story across and certainly made me more invested in him going forward. I’m a Janela guy, but I found myself rooting for Starks in this particular matchup. After solid back and forth work throughout, Janela finally decides to go full Bad Boy and grabs a steel chair from ringside. Just when it looks like he is gonna bring the pain, Ricky gets a roll up and the 1-2-3! Janela, very displeased, beats the holy hell out of Ricky post-match. There’s no way he’ll be healthy going into his next matchup.

Aaron Solow vs. Ricky Starks: These two make up a pretty successful and exciting tag team. So, of course there were some high expectations for this matchup. Ricky was banged up thanks to the Janela beatdown, but the guy has heart on top of heart. So, there’s no chance he was just going to walk away. Sadly, Ricky could barely stand and after a few minutes the ref had to stop the match. Solow, being a competitor, issued an open challenge to anyone in the back and CHEESEBURGER hits the ring. Razor close match as the two match up very, very well but Solow gets the win with a cradle DDT. Aaron Solow acquires the white belt and moves his way up the ladder.

MJF vs. Aaron Solow: Fucking MJF, man. I mean, he does wear the shit out his scarves, but dammit, he’s just such a butt nugget sometimes. That said, I would pay top dollar to watch him review caviar and by “review,” I mean he would say everything tasted like shit. Once the match actually got underway, we were blessed with a solid story between two polar opposites. MJF uses the ref as a human shield and the occasional eye poke to keep Solow at bay. It wasn’t enough, though. Solow wins by submission and sends MJF back to Long Island with his tail between his legs. Writers Note: You should come to the next SUP show on August 5th solely to see Warhorse Jake Parnell beat the fuck out of MJF.

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